Illinois Lottery Winner

Illinois Little Lotto Jackpot Win

$124,013 Little Lotto Jackpot Won in Illinois

"You Made Me Feel Like a Winner!"

On March 12, 2004, J.B. of Glencoe, Illinois, hit the jackpot for $124,013 in the new 5/39 Illinois Little Lotto (now Lucky Day Lotto). Following our phone conversation, J.B. (who asked that her name be withheld), sent me a copy of her check and winning ticket as documented proof of her win, and also this letter:

"Gail, Thank you so much for your time this morning on the phone. I found you just as caring and giving as you present yourself on your website and in your published books.

"I am grateful to have researched and found your lotto techniques. This past January I told myself I would research for specific techniques in playing the lottery. After several searches and visiting many websites I found your site to be the only one that was truly knowledgeable and professional.

"In February I began to play the 'new little lotto' that the state of Illinois was promoting heavily. I was paying close attention to even and odd numbers by trying to stay in the sum range as you suggested (75-125) and wheeled several games using wheel #3014.

"On March 12, 2004 I hit the little lotto jackpot for $124,000! Reading your material made me believe that I would someday win. I never knew it would be so soon! I will be forever grateful for your research and for your motivating words. I live my life now feeling like a winner and believing in my hunches! Thank you Gail for being so giving. Sincerely, J.B.

"p.s. Please keep my name confidential (thank you). Ticket and check attached."

On the phone, J.B. confided that she had done "massive searches" on the internet looking for a lottery system to help her become a smarter lottery player.

"I worked hard and read many other peoples systems and strategies via the internet, but I didn't feel comfortable with them. On most of the sites selling lottery systems, I did not get past the first paragraph before feeling as though it was a sales pitch or a scam.

"When I saw your web site, I was excited because of the professional way it was put together. In my opinion I felt it was the most organized that I had found. The links actually worked and as I continued through the site I was captured by the winners' testimonials to back up the extended research.

"I used the interactive Balanced Wheel® #3014 that you give away free on your web site and used your Optimizing tool twice to improve the sum totals.

"After the drawing, I checked the internet for the winning numbers. When I saw I had them all on one line, I thought, 'All Right!!!' 'Unbelievable!' I was struck with disbelief and excitement. I blinked and checked the numbers again.

"I was so excited I had to finally tell my husband what I was doing all those hours on the computer. I began by telling him that I had wanted to be a smarter lottery player and thought that there just had to be some research on 'how to'. I continued by telling him about my research on the internet and that I had eventually found a system that I believed in. 'I began playing this system off and on for a couple of months,' I said, 'and tonight I hit the Little Lotto for $100,000!'

"'You're joking', he responded. 'Why are you saying that?' 'You're kidding.'

"I immediately began explaining Gail's systems and strategies. He jumped off the couch and hugged me. He couldn't believe it. I wanted to shout it out and tell everybody, but I told only my mother. Then I hid the tickets. I had to wait over the weekend to claim the money.

"I was on such a high after I won, I felt on top of the world. Winning the lottery advanced me to take my next step in my life. It gave me the confidence to feel like a winner.

"Now, when I feel down, I think of what made me feel so good that day and remember how it felt to be a winner. And I tell myself that I can have that same feeling again anytime I want. Just believe in yourself and your choices and for me I realized my gut instincts (looking back throughout my life) are most often correct. It changed my life where I now feel like a winner. I found that I could put that feeling into play for anything else in life. When you believe you are a winner, you ARE a winner."

J.B. caught the essence of being a winner. In her case, it was the actual winning of a first prize lotto jackpot that awakened her inner-winner potential.

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