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Steve McLain Shares FL Fantasy 5 Jackpot with Another Gail Howard Winner


Two Jackpot Winners In One Day!!

The success of my Balanced Wheeling Systems in producing Lotto jackpot winners certainly beats the odds -- just as my systems help you beat the odds! On June 20, 1989, seven lucky winners shared the Florida Fantasy 5 jackpot. Two of those jackpot winners used my Balanced Wheeling Systems to land their share of the $1.7 million jackpot. Each of the seven winners collected $244,114.34. No other lottery system can claim TWO jackpot winners in one day, and this amazing feat has happened multiple times with my systems!! Marion Cornelius and Gilbert Horton both used Gail Howard systems and split the Washington Lotto jackpot in 1988.

Steve McLain of Apopka, Florida, wheeled 16 numbers in 37 combinations, using my System 3008; and Ralph and Nancy Crapse of Immokalee, Florida, wheeled 22 numbers in 100 combinations using my System 3014. (Both of these jackpot winning systems are in my book, Lotto Wheel Five to Win or in Wheel Five Gold software.)

I found out in a strange way that Steve McLain had used my system to win the jackpot. Steve drove 70 miles to the offices of Lottery Players Guide (a Florida magazine I write for) to buy my Wheel Five software -- and just happened to mention the fact that he had won the Big One on June 20 because he used System #3008 from my book, Lotto Wheel Five to Win. He also used my Skip and Hit® Chart® to choose his numbers (this chart and more are available in Advantage Gold and Lottery Master Guide).

"I wouldn't ever play random numbers," he said. "It would be way too hard."

Steve McLain, a 23 year-old bachelor, used to work at a gas station but now he plans to buy his own. Steve was at work, watching the drawing results on television working at the gas station the night he won. When he saw the numbers come up, he knew he had all of them were in his wheel. After he checked his tickets and found the big winner, he called his mother to tell her the good news.

"She didn't believe me," he said. "But she wasn't too sure what to believe because I never called her at that time of night before."

As is the case with most of my jackpot winners, McLain is hoping to win another first prize jackpot.

Winning Products

The lottery products Steve McLain used to win the Florida Fantasy 5 jackpot: Skip and Hit® Chart and Wheel #3008

Advantage Gold Advantage Gold™
Number Selection Lotto Software
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16 number 3/4 Guarantee Balanced Wheeling® Lotto System #3008 found as wheel #53116 in:
Wheel Five Gold Wheel Five Gold™
Balanced Lotto Wheel® Software for Pick-5 Games
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Lotto Wheel Five to Win Lotto Wheel Five to Win
Balanced Wheel® System Book for Pick-5 Games
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