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Two Millionaire Winners in One Day


Two Millionaire Winners Use My System and Split Jackpot

The Seattle Today show introduced me to a million dollar winner, Gilbert Horton, who split the lotto jackpot with another winner, Marion Cornelius, who had also used my system. Click here to read the full story about Gilbert Horton.

On June 1, 1988, the Washington Lotto jackpot was $3 million. Three winners shared the prize. Each won $1 million dollars. Two of the three winners became millionaires because they used my systems.

Marion Cornelius said, "I had your book five years ago when it first game out. I have all the rest of them, too. I have three of your books. I'm still playing the lottery twice a week. I still use your system 610.

"Before I won, I was hitting pretty close. I'd get four, then sometimes I'd get five. I hit THREE fives in one game, using the same system twice. I played two complete games (systems) when I won (the jackpot). That's why I got so many fours. When I won the big prize, I got 14 fours and I got five or six fives, that were split between the two games (systems).

"I was downstairs at my desk listening to it (the drawing results) on TV down there. I always put those numbers down on paper so I can go down the line before I put them on my card. I circled the winners and I had one line with all six. When I got all through I checked my tickets and found it.

"I didn't say anything to my wife until after I knew darn sure that I had it, that it was for real. I told her that night. I asked her how she would feel to be a millionaire, but she didn't believe me. She was beginning to believe me after I showed her everything. Then when I went down to get the money the next day, she knew it was for real.

"She didn't get too excited about it. In fact, the guy at the lottery store was a little bit discouraged because I didn't jump up and down. But I had been so darn close so many times.

Marion Cornelius was 74 years old when he hit the Lotto jackpot. When I asked him if he were enjoying his windfall, he told me, "I'm 77 years old now. I don't do much. My wife passed away since then. She got sick and passed away and never had time to enjoy it much.

"We never had a chance to take a trip. She was pretty sick when I won. She was home then. But she died of cancer of the lung and a tumor of the brain. It wasn't too bad for her. She didn't suffer too much. I took care of her at home. I had part time assistant nurses.

"I'm happy to have won the money. I had places to use it. I paid a lot of bills for the wife with it. I'm all clear now. I did appreciate getting it. The money came in real handy."

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