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New York Take 5 Winner Bob Bochicchio


In a Dream, Deceased Father Gives Son Two Winning Numbers

Bob Bochicchio held one of five jackpot winning tickets for the April 18, 2000 New York Take 5 drawing. His share was $30,292.50. In addition to the first prize jackpot, Bob won two second prizes worth $370.50 each, seven third prizes worth $22.00 each, and 11 free plays; every lotto ticket was a winner.

Bob beat the odds of one in 575,757, plus he beat the odds of one in 3,387 TWICE, and he beat additional odds of one in 103 SEVEN times! But was any of this mentioned in the New York State Lottery's press release? No, of course not. They only publicize it when winners use Quick Picks.

In fact, Bob was asked if he used a Quick Pick, to which he replied, "I used this lady, Gail Howard's computer program." The interviewer, while amazed that he had won so many prizes in one drawing, seemed more interested in changing the subject to more personal questions.

The wheel Bob used has two Power Numbers. Two nights before he won the jackpot, Bob had a dream about his father, who passed away three years ago. In the dream, he said, "My Dad is telling me 19 and 25. Why 19 and 25? I thought, he was born in 1927!"

His father, Raymond Bochicchio, Sr. had been an avid lottery player. He used to play all the Stan Rose Daily Number picks and very often won with them.

Now on the 'other side' watching over his son who has some big bills to pay, Raymond, Sr. was able to get two of the winning numbers for the next drawing. The numbers 19 and 25, which his Dad gave him in the dream, Bob used as his two Power Numbers. Then he used my Advantage Gold software to find the numbers that hit most often with those two numbers during a certain period of time.

The wheel Bob used was Power Number® Wheel #54118-2, which wheels 18 numbers at a ticket cost of $21. It has two Power Numbers and a 4 out of 5 win guarantee. This means you are guaranteed to win one second prize if you get all five winning numbers, including the two Power Numbers, in your wheeled group of 18. But as Bob proved, you can win much more than the guaranteed minimum.

Bob Bochicchio wrote the following letter and enclosed a copy of his winning ticket and prize claim receipt:

"Dear Gail Howard, Back in 1993, a friend of mine gave me a [Smart Luck Advantage Gold] computer program. I played around with it and had some success with the Take-5 in New York. I was hitting a few games with 3 numbers and once in a while I would hit a 4 number.

"I had put the program away for a few years and didn't do anything with it. Then in April of this year I started to play around with the program again. I had to do 3 years of updating with the drawings, but it was well worth it.

"On Tuesday April 18, my wife, Jennifer, and I were sitting in our living room watching the 11:00 p.m. news, and the Take-5 drawing came on. So I had seen that my first Power Number had come down which was the 25, and then as the last number was about to come out of the machine, I said to Jennifer, 'Watch the 19 come out', and it did.

"I turned to Jennifer and said that I think that we hit all five numbers and sure enough we did. I couldn't believe it, so I called my brother, Ray, and asked him to call up on the phone to get the results. He called me back a few minutes later and he confirmed it for me.

"The Take-5 top prize for that night paid $30,292.00. Plus I hit two tickets with 4 numbers and 7 tickets with 3 numbers. I had used a wheel of yours that I had seen in the Lottery News. It was a wheel using two Power Numbers in 21 combinations for a 4 out of 5 win.

"By using your Advantage Gold program and a wheel of yours in the Lottery News, I finally hit Take-5. We plan to use the money to pay a few bills and take a vacation.

"Jennifer and I would like to take this time to thank you and the Lottery News for starting this year off right. Sincerely yours, Bob Bochicchio."

Congratulations Bob, on beating that Take-5 game, not just once but TWENTY-ONE TIMES in one drawing and proving once again that my scientific systems DO WORK.

Over the years, 14 New York first prize Lotto jackpot winners have told the New York Lottery officials that they used Gail Howard's system to win, and never once has my name appeared in any New York Lottery press release—a clear case of discrimination. Other states lotteries are more honest and ethical and have credited my systems in their press releases.

This is the press release from the New York State Lottery:


Garden City - New York Lottery officials today announced Robert Bochicchio of St. James as one of the five first-prize winners of $30,292.50 each, for the TAKE FIVE drawing for Tuesday, April 18, 2000.

"I watched the drawing and I recognized two of my numbers right away," said Mr. Bochicchio. "When I realized that I had all the numbers, I just had to tell my wife." With his winning, Mr. Bochicchio plans to pay some bills.

Mr. Bochicchio bought his winning ticket at 7-Eleven, 81 Sheppard Lane, Smithtown. Four other winning tickets were sold in Kings, Nassau and Queens counties, respectively.

The winning numbers for the TAKE FIVE drawing for Tuesday, April 18, 2000 were: 3  14  19  25  30.

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The lottery products Bob Bochicchio used to win the NY Take Five jackpot: Advantage Gold and Wheel #54118-2

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18 number 2 Power Number Balanced Wheeling® Lotto System #54118-2 found in:
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