Washington Lotto Winners

Two Millionaire Winners in One Day


Two Millionaire Winners in One Day

When I appeared on the Seattle Today show, the producers had a surprise for me. They introduced me to Gilbert Horton, a Washington state winner who had won a million dollars with my systems. Naturally, I was thrilled to meet another jackpot winner I could add to my growing list - and to meet another new friend!

But there was more good news for me. Gib told me that he was not the only one who cashed in with my systems. He had read in the Seattle newspaper that another winner, Marion Cornelius, had also became a millionaire that day by using the Gail Howard systems.

On June 1, 1988, the Washington Lotto jackpot was $3 million. Three winners shared the prize. Each won $1 million dollars. Two of the three winners became millionaires because they used my systems.

Both had bought my Special Report, State Lotteries: How to Get In It and How To Win It. And both had studied their numbers, using my Lottery Advantage® number selection methods. According to the newspaper clipping, Gib Horton studied my charts for two hours every week before selecting his numbers. (Neither winner uses a computer, so keeping those charts updated was much more time consuming for them.)

Gib used my Percentage System® from my Special Report and wheeled 18 numbers in 42 combinatinations, using Lotto System #608. He also won eight threes, one of which was on the same ticket as his jackpot win.

"I watched the drawing on TV. I went to the folder and looked up the sheet I was playing on. And then the next step was to look at my tickets. It so happens that the the first ticket I looked at, the one on top, was it, so I didn't have to go through them all. It sure stood out.

"I was elated. I said something to my wife, 'Hey Helen, we got the Big One! She said, 'Naaah, we can't have it. You must have taken the numbers down wrong.' 'No, I don't think so.' She insisted I call. I called the local store up here, checked with them, yeah, the numbers compared. Then I called a friend. He wouldn't believe it either, so he went down to the store and got the numbers for sure and came on out.

"At first I told my wife, 'We won't call anybody.' And she said, 'No we won't call anybody.' Well, I could only sit on it for two or three minutes. I called two friends and it wasn't too long before my house was loaded with friends. We had a big party. We had a lot of fun.

"I bought a boat the first year. We keep it in the sound out here. But for about six weeks I go up farther north and fish for salmon. It took my first year's allotment, so it's a pretty nice boat. It's 25-foot with twin engines on it. It's real comfortable. It's got a little cabin, a little stove, a little icebox, room for my wife and I to sleep if we want. And it's got a lot of room for fish in the back.

"And since then we've remodeled our house. I spent a couple of years allotment plus a couple more. Its nice to know its coming in to cover it. The house is a $100,000 remodeling job. We live on the lake. We have such an ideal spot. We've lived here for 40 years. We have a real older home.

It's four-bedroom. We converted the kitchen, utility room and dining room into a large modern kitchen and made one of the bedrooms into a dining room. We added on to our bedroom and put a hot tub off of the bedroom. We get out of bed and jump into the hot tub. We really enjoy that.

"I travel once a year to a national boating tournament. A couple of months ago we went to Ohio, the year before we went with another couple by motor home to Niagara Falls We had a good time. At least once a year we make a trip. Next year its in Texas.

Winning Products

The lottery products Gilbert Horton used to win the Washington Lotto jackpot: Special Report and Wheel #5608

State Lotteries: How to Get In It and How to Win It - No longer in print. Lottery Master Guide is the current strategy book.
18 number 4/6 guarantee Balanced Wheeling® Lotto System #608 found as wheel #64218 in:
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