Canada Lottery Winner

Yukon Couple Lottery Jackpot Winners in Canada

$425,762.90 WON IN CANADA 6/49

"The Truckers Wanted Me to Get a Divorce and Marry Them."

Danielle and Richard Hair got lucky with Smart Luck and won $425,762.90 using the Hit Charts and Skip and Hit® Chart® from the Advantage Gold software and a wheeling system from my decade old Gail Howard's Lottery Winning Strategies book. (Lottery Master Guide is an expanded updated version of that book.)

Danielle Hair found my web site on the internet and called to order some software. When she mentioned that she had won a jackpot with my systems, I was immediately notified and called her back. We chatted and I asked her to send me documented proof of her win and a letter confirming the fact that they used my systems to win the Canada National Lotto 6/49. (This documented proof entitles the winner to become an official Gail Howard Jackpot Winner, which means they get all my lottery products free for life.)

The Hairs were the first big lottery winners in the Yukon. They own a truck stop - a service station and restaurant - on the Alcan Highway, 42 miles from the nearest town. When Richard arrived in town and turned in his ticket, word of the windfall spread like wildfire. Within minutes, the entire town (population 1200) knew about it . . .

Danielle took a lot of kidding at her restaurant. "The truckers wanted me to get a divorce and marry them," she said. "Those truckers can be something!"

Life has not changed much for the Hairs, except that they feel financially secure about their future. Lottery wins are not taxed in Canada, so they get to keep the entire lump sum. So far no one has asked for a handout, although several people approached them with investment schemes. (There is always someone out there who wants to make a jackpot winner rich!) They invested the money themselves, wisely and conservatively.

In their letter to me, Danielle and Richard Hair wrote: "Here are the documents and the picture that you asked for. The date that we won the 6/49 was on January 4, 1994. We had 5+ the bonus. The amount that we won was $425,762.90. We also won quite a few 3 and 4 numbers. It all came to somewhere around $427,000.00, but they paid the 3 and 4 numbers over the counter with cash, so the check did not include all the money that was won.

"The way we won this money was by using 6th edition of Gail Howard's Lottery Winning Strategies. We wheeled 18 numbers. I really think that her book helped us win. I also really think that it will help us win again. Using this wheeling system, we have also won small amounts like $200 - $300 here and there. We did win a little over $2,000.00 at one time also." (Richard told me it was $2,700.00.)

"We did not know we had won until on the afternoon of the 5th. I had called the Yukon lottery number line to get the winning numbers. On the recording, after they had said what the numbers were, they had a message that someone in the Yukon had won over $400,000.00. I can remember thinking what lucky people they were. Then my husband started helping me check the tickets. The next thing I knew he was yelling, 'There it is!! There it is!!!!'"

"He then ran over to the phone to call the winning number line again just to make sure that I wrote down the right numbers. He hung up the phone and ran outside to tell our children. I guess we were both in shock.

"The next thing I know Richard was off to town with our son to claim the ticket. When we called our relatives that night, it took a lot of convincing to get all of our family members to believe it. It took a few days for everyone for all of this to sink in. I guess we really didn't believe it until we went to Edmonton, Alberta, to pick up our check. Even now, when I sit back and think about it, it doesn't seem possible.

"We have 3 children. Richard, Jr. is now 25, Cristy is 23, and Tracy Ann is 13. They really seemed to enjoy all the attention that they got. All I can say is that it was a wonderful time of our lives. Thank You. Richard and Danielle Hair."

Winning Products

The lottery products Danielle and Richard Hair used to win the National Lotto jackpot in Canada: Advantage Gold, Lottery Winning Systems, and Wheel #608

Advantage Gold Advantage Gold™
Number Selection Lotto Software
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Lottery Winning Strategies - No longer in print. Lottery Master Guide is the current strategy book.
18 number 4/6 guarantee Balanced Wheeling® Lotto System #608 found as wheel #64218 in:
Wheel Six Gold Wheel Six Gold™
Balanced Lotto Wheel® Software for Pick-6 and Pick-7 Games
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