Pennsylvania Lotto Winner

Gary Hoffman wins Pennsylvania Lottery Jackpot


No One Can Know the Thrill of Winning Until They Experience It

Gary Hoffman searched for my name in Books in Prints and called to place an order. He mentioned that he had won big before with Gail Howard's systems and hoped her new material would help him win again. The prize he won was $1.5 million dollars ($1,514,464.77). He beat odds of one in 3,838,380 to win this first prize jackpot.

I asked Gary to send me all the documentation about his win along with a letter verifying that he had used my systems to win. (I never claim a jackpot winner until I have complete documented proof.) Gary sent me a copy of his letter of congratulations from the Pennsylvania lottery, newspaper clippings, and a copy of his first check along with the following letter:

"Ms. Howard, My name is Gary Hoffman, and I just wanted to write to tell you how you have changed my life. In October of 1986, I ordered your booklet on lottery strategies (State Lotteries How to Get In It and How to Win It). I read and studied your information on Skip and Hit, Multiple Hits, Drawings Since Hits and all the other valuable information enclosed in the booklet. I knew it was a great concept. I researched all the numbers for the PA 6/40 Lotto, and I started to plot numbers using your theories. I was very loyal to your System. I knew deep down inside of me that I would win with it—I just didn't know when or how much I would win, but I knew I would win!!!

"On February 15, 1988, I played two sets of your wheels and I won the last PA 6/40 drawing (before they switched to 6/48 Wild Card) for $1,514,464.77!! The jackpot was for $4.5 million and there were 3 winning tickets and I had one of them. I have enclosed a copy of the first check, the letter from the PA lottery and newspaper articles about my good fortune.

I still play the PA Wild Card Lotto using your systems, and I am very excited about the new PA 5/39 Lotto starting April 1992. I did not realize that you had so much information available about your systems (books, computer programs, etc.) until I called to order your book, Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune. I am very interested in obtaining all the information that you have available to lottery players such as books, newsletters and IBM compatible computer programs) because you have proven to me that you are The Expert. I stay with what has worked in the past and that is your systems. Thank you very much for what you have done for me. Sincerely, Gary E. Hoffman."

The thrill of winning is something no one can really know until they experience it. Gary felt high from the win for a week.

Many of my jackpot winners had such faith they are going to win that, in their minds, they absolutely know it to be a fact even before they win. Gary was no exception. When I talked to him on the telephone this morning, he told me, "Deep down inside, when I first got your book and I looked at it, the more I read it, the more I told my wife, Connie, 'I'm going to win with this.'

"I knew I was going to win, I just didn't know when and how much." Gary won on Monday but didn't check his tickets until Thursday. "When I checked it, I couldn't believe it. My heart was beating fast. I called the store, where I got the tickets. I said, "Give me those numbers again.' Then I told my wife, Connie, and she was in tears. The kids started looking up stuff they were going to buy."

Gary went to Carters Convenience Store to verify his win and get a printout to see how much he had won. He said of his friend, Andy Bonavita, who owns the store, "Andy was so nervous and so shook over having a winner, he couldn't make out the claim form. He said, "I'll give you the number of the people in the lottery office to call to make out the claim form.' Andy was a pretty excited fellow."

"I went to Meadville to turn the ticket in. They stapled the ticket to a claim form and they're putting it into a Federal Express envelope and I'm watching this ticket go. And this is after I have talked to the guy in charge. He explained, "The ticket has to be physically inspected. Right now you're a claimant. You're not a winner until the ticket has been physically inspected in Harrisburg.'

"My heart just kind of dropped into my stomach, watching the ticket slide into the envelope. I asked, "Has Federal Express ever lost anything? What happens if something weird happens, like the Federal Express van's in a wreck, or the van burns up?' I was assured that copies had been made of my ticket.

"The lottery people told me not to reveal my plans to buy anything in press interviews or I would be bombarded by sales people. I planned to build new house with the money. We took two years to design the house we wanted and built our dream house on 75 acres. This house has made the lottery dream a reality.

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