Gail Howard's Bowker Interview

Gail Howard Interview with Bowker

Interview with Bowker

Gail Howard is recognized internationally as the creator of the most highly acclaimed and successful lottery systems used in the world today. She is America's original lottery expert—the pioneer of scientific lottery strategy used in the USA.

Gail Howard's books and software are the ONLY lottery systems that have been credited with winning dozens of first prize lottery jackpots. Her ability to turn people into millionaires has made lottery history! To date, 74 documented first prize Lotto jackpot winners have won a combined total of more than $97 million dollars with her systems. (Documentation consists of more than 250 pages of letters from her jackpot winners, copies of their jackpot winning tickets, checks and/or congratulatory letters from the lottery, lottery press releases, newspaper articles.)

"Why wait for Dumb Luck to strike when you can use my Smart Luck strategies and give Fate a helping hand."

- What was your source of inspiration and reference?

In the 1970's and early 1980's when I was a stockbroker and later a commodities futures trader, I used charting and technical analysis to help make investment decisions. At various times, I watched the markets react, sometimes moving up and sometimes down on an identical piece of news.

I began to wonder if market movement was really a random walk rather than based on supply and demand. In 1982, I decided to chart the most random of events, the lottery. I found that randomly drawn numbers formed the same patterns with the same degree of predictability that my stocks and commodities had. With this exciting discovery, I knew I was on to something significant about winning lotteries.

- What challenges did you face writing these books?

I became obsessed with analyzing lottery numbers in every possible way I could think of. In an effort to discover just what made winning lotto numbers win, I devoted an entire year to this unpaid full-time occupation.

Friends and family did not understand my obsession and persistently urged me to give up "this lottery foolishness" and use my abilities in a more constructive way. As the months passed and my passion only increased, I was accused of "throwing away" an entire year of earnings.

- Why did you decide to write?

I needed a legitimate reason for spending so much time on "this lottery foolishness." Also, I was eager to share my discoveries with other lottery enthusiasts. In March 1983, I began writing a weekly column for a New York paper. People started winning with my systems and word spread, I was approached by a marketing company to write a book. As part of the promotional campaign, from 1985 to 1987, the book was advertised in full-page ads in newspapers and magazines. My half-hour infomercial, Lottery Buster, aired on cable television for one year (1986-1987).

Having made a name for myself, in 1988, I decided to publish my own book, Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune, which is now in its fourth edition. Also currently in print are Lottery Master Guide and two other books. Foreign language editions are sold worldwide, having been translated into Spanish, French, German, Norwegian, Latvian, Korean, Japanese, Mao Chinese (sold in China), and traditional Chinese (sold in Taiwan).

- How do you relate to this genre?

When I was a stockbroker, my job was to help people earn money. My mission is still the same, except that now my lottery books and lotto software help people win money. My Smart Luck strategies have turned thousands of lottery losers into winners and have made dozens of people rich.

My systems have been credited with winning $97 million for 74 documented first prize lotto jackpot winners. It is gratifying to know that my lottery books and lotto software have made dozens of people rich and that I've been instrumental in helping change so many lives for the better.

- What can we expect from you in the future?

Lotteries in the USA and around the world are constantly changing. I make every effort to keep up with all the latest changes and new games by publishing new editions or new books as needed. Presently, I am writing a book of systems for the new multi-country EuroMillions lottery that launched in February 2004. When the book is published, it will be advertised on my web site

- What advice can you offer to up and coming authors?

If you have a unique idea that you strongly believe in, follow your instincts and work hard to develop it. Write from your heart and because you can speak with authority on the subject.

Don't attempt to make money by copying (or rewriting) someone else's successful book. Not only is it unethical and illegal, but it can incite a lawsuit that will damage your reputation and your bank account.

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