Oregon Powerball Winner

Alberta Worth Wins Powerball Jackpot in Oregon


Powerball Jackpot Won

Alberta Worth of Oregon, won $100,000.00 in the multi-state Powerball lotto, then a 5/45 + 1/45 game, on July 15, 1992, using my number selection methods as well as one of my wheeling systems. She beat odds of more than a million to one (1,221,759) to win her jackpot prize. I really enjoyed reading her letter, and I'm sure you will, too.

Alberta Worth of The Dalles, Oregon, wrote: "Dear Gail Howard, It is my pleasure to write to you telling you that I have been fortunate in winning a Lottery Jackpot of $100,000.00 using your 20-number Wheeling System.

"Back in 1985-1986, I purchased your book, State Lotteries: How to Get In It and How to Win It, and I had several small wins. However, in January of 1986, I picked the winning lottery numbers for the January 31st drawing. Needless to say, I failed to play those winning numbers and threw away a $6,000,000 jackpot. After that my heart wasn't in playing the lottery. I thought I threw away a one time shot of winning a jackpot.

For six years, I didnt play. Then I decided to try our new game called Powerball 6/45. For two days prior to July 15, 1992, I charted the numbers as suggested in your book. And began my calculations. The morning of July 15, 1992, I made my transfers to the game slips and handed them to a lottery operator at 5:30 p.m., thirty minutes before deadline.

I felt I needed to guard those tickets with my life. At around 8:30 or 8:40, I got the winning numbers from the lottery monitor, and returned home to check my tickets for winners. After I found I'd won several three and four-number prizes, I became very anxious. I realized that I had won more than my money back.

My husband Duane was rechecking the tickets to make sure I hadn't missed any winners, when he said, "This is not any fun. You have all the winners." So, I gave him some of the tickets from the bottom. The second ticket Duane checked, he found we had five of the winning numbers. I looked at the ticket to make sure he was right. And sure enough, there they were 12-18-24-30-36. A $100,000.00 winner!

Enclosed you will find verification documenting our win of $100,000.00 from the Oregon State Lottery. I would appreciate very much if you would please return these documents as soon as possible.

I decided to write to you to tell you how much I have appreciated your help and above all a word of gratitude that words cannot express. I am eternally grateful to a new wonderful friend. Respectfully, Alberta M. Worth."

Alberta Worth, a lucky woman - and a pretty one, too - goes by the name of Bert. Her hometown newspaper wrote a feature story about her win, from which the following was extracted:

"Duane was calm about the win, except his eyes got this big," said Bert, splaying her hands wide. Bert, a bit more reactive, jumped up and down 'flapping my arms.' She wanted to call somebody, but was so excited she forgot phone numbers.

"'The first thing Duane did the next morning was look at the winning ticket again, 'to make sure the numbers didn't change overnight,' Bert laughed.

"'I don't feel any different,' Bert said of her new riches, 'But it's nice to be free out of debt. I've never been out of debt in my life.' A housekeeper at the Shilo Inn, Bert has not returned to work since the win. Duane took just one day off work at Northwest Aluminum, to collect the check in Salem.

"The Worths, who together have eight children and 10 grandchildren, set some money aside to visit family on the East Coast with their lottery winnings."

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