California Lottery Winner

Ken Hagins won the CA Lotto Jackpot


"I Was a Millionaire for a Couple of Days."

Ken Hagins of Elverta, California was watching the California Lotto drawing on TV and thought the numbers sounded familiar. But he didn't have a pencil handy to write them down. After two hours of agitated suspense, he caught the winning numbers on the TV news. Ken discovered he had won a second prize with five winning numbers plus the bonus number--and 42 other prizes.

The second prize pool was worth more than a million dollars. For two Days Ken thought he had won it all. "I was a millionaire for a couple days," he said. "I called everybody—my children, a few of my friends... Then I remembered what you said in your Special Report, 'low numbers more winners,' so I thought that there might be two of us." But seven winners shared that second prize pool. Ken's winning numbers were 2-4-9-18-28 plus the bonus number 35.

Ken Hagins wrote: "Dear Gail, Your system was a godsend, as I had open heart surgery (triple bypass) on Feb. 6, 1987 and forced on disability retirement. Then came my windfall on March 7, 1987 only 30 days later—thanks to you and your giving system. God Bless You. Thanks again. Ken"

Ken wheeled two sets of 12 numbers in six combinations (#603). In addition to the $159,462 prize, be won six fourth prizes and 36 fifth prizes, bringing his total win up to $160,042.

Back in December 1986, Ken asked his friend Doug to become partners in the lottery, splitting the $12 cost of sending for my Special Report, State Lotteries: How to Get In It and How to Win It. Doug refused to contribute $6 because, as he said "It's just a bunch of hokey-pokey." When Ken gleefully told Doug about his $160,000 win, Doug groaned, "To think I lost out on $80,000 because I wouldn't spend $6!"

Ken had been a carpenter working for Bethlehem Steel in Pennsylvania until he moved to California in 1961. He was tired of "seeing fences and rooftops;" so be bought a few acres outside Sacramento where he is now raising Angus cattle. He calls himself a "concrete cowboy."

Ken and his wife have three children, "all successful—we raised them the old-fashioned Pennsylvania way:" He plans to set up trust funds for college educations for his four grandchildren. Since the big win on March 7, 1987, Ken and his wife have gone to Hawaii and cruised down the Mexican coast. They are planning a trip to Ireland to trace the family tree.

Winning Products

The lottery products Ken Hagins used to win the California Lotto jackpot: Special Report and Wheel #603

State Lotteries: How to Get In It and How to Win It - No longer in print. Lottery Master Guide is the current strategy book.
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