New Mexico Lottery Winner

Juanito Gonzalez Wins NM Road Runner Lotto


A Tiny Jackpot is Still a First Prize Jackpot Win

On May 23, 2003, Juanito Gonzalez of Albuquerque, won $21,000 in the New Mexico Road Runner 5/31 (now 5/34) lotto game. His win was one of the smallest of my first prize jackpot winners, but he did beat odds of one in 169,911.

Mr. Gonzalez wrote: "Ms Gail Howard, It was through the Texas Lotto Guide that I obtained your books, Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune and Lotto Wheel Five to Win. Unfortunately, upon receiving them, I briefly scanned through your books and put them for safe keeping in my book case.

"It was late February of this year the thought of using the books came up. Several people at work had formed a pool to play the New Mexico Powerball. The main coordinator, Ms Cecillia Jaramillo, and I talked about number selection, etc. She told me she was tracking and recording the numbers for each drawing in her notebook. I mentioned that I had the book, Lotto Wheel Five to Win.

"Early in March 2003, she and I copied several different charts from the book and had some fine results, winning with 4 out of 5 numbers ($200). As we used the book, the more familiar we got in the use of the charts.

"On May 23, 2003 using Balanced Wheel® 53114, I won the New Mexico Road Runner $21,000 prize money. Although I had won a major pot, I often reflect on my missed opportunities by not using your books when I had initially received them.

"More informed and a firm believer now, I am more than excited to receive and use your other products, and God willing, continue to write to you more good news. I and my most recent partner, Ms Jaramillo see the validity and advantage of your products. Thank you. Juanito Gonzalez"

When I phoned Mr. Gonzalez to congratulate him on his jackpot win and thank him for his letter (and copy of his check from the lottery), he told me the latest news. Two weeks ago, he used Balanced Wheel® 53119 and won the Maximum Wins possible with four winning numbers: EIGHT 4-number SECOND PRIZES and two 3-number prizes.

As he was checking his tickets, he thought he had won $600, but as Ms Jaramillo checked the rest, she suddenly shouted, "Oh, my God!!"

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"You've got FIVE WINNERS on this ticket!" she exclaimed.

They both were astonished but elated.

"The last one was a shocker, finding five winners on one slip," he said. "Instead of $600 as we thought, we got $1,600. When I went to the lottery office to cash the $1,000 ticket with the five winners on it, I was told, 'Good job!'"

Co-workers, Ms Jaramillo, a postal clerk, and Mr. Gonzalez, a mail carrier, are now partners in Lotto.

"Since the jackpot win, the attitude has changed. Cecillia told me, 'I wish I had been included in the winning ticket with you.' I didn't think about it. But I said, 'As of this time, you are included in it.'"

"She had bought the Lottery Master Guide, glanced at it and, like me, had put it away for about four years. Suddenly aware that she had a workable tool, she started using the charts. The last entry she made in Powerball, she won $300," he said.

"Last night I used your 17-number 3 out of 4 wheel and won one 4-number (second) prize and four 3-number prizes. We feel certain that our time in the spotlight will occur, and with the use of Gail Howard's products, the possible is certain."

Winning Products

The lottery products Juanito Gonzalez used to win the New Mexico Road Runner jackpot: Wheel #53114

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