Free Smart Luck History Editor (SlhEdit)

Download SLHEdit Program
Download SLHEdit Program

Download and Install SlhEdit
For use with FWGP and FFWG

Smart Luck is pleased to announce the release of a new FREE Smart Luck History Editor (SlhEdit) that works with any of our new Windows Wheel programs on 32 or 64 bit Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. This will allow you to view and edit Smart Luck History files, set ranges, select histories, change properties when lotteries change and view extended statistics about the drawings and the numbers drawn. Of course, it does not have all the charts of Advantage Gold, but it does have some new features that were not in the original Advantage Gold and should be of particular use to wheel program users.

Important Notes:

Smart Luck History files are compressed binary files created by Advantage Gold or SlhEdit which contain structure and drawing details for a lottery. All Smart Luck wheeling programs can use this formation in making and testing wheels, but only SlhEdit (or Advantage Gold) can make changes to these files - including updating the drawings. Once SlhEdit is installed, clicking on an slh file will cause Windows to open that file in SlhEdit. Press F1 within SlhEdit to access the help file.

Detailed Help for using SlhEdit and Lottery Updater with the Wheel Programs

For step by step instructions on setting up history to work with the wheel programs, and more details of the benefits of using history with wheeling check out our FAQ page about history with wheel programs.

SlhEdit Screenshots

Below are a few screen shots taken from the extensive help file that accompanies SlhEdit.

Open History Selection Window

SlhEdit Screen Shot

Main Screen Elements

SlhEdit Screen Shot

Some of the Main Screen History Elements

SlhEdit Screen Shot


Find out more about the programs that can work with the SlhEdit Program:

Install History Files

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