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40th JACKPOT WINNER WON SECOND JACKPOT with Gail Howard's System

Order of Eagles Group Lottery Win

Most of my jackpot winners have told me they know they will win a second jackpot with my lotto systems. It has actually happened. On January 26, 1990, Fred Gscheidle's group of 27 members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Scranton, Pennsylvania, used my 35-number Balanced Wheel® System with a 3 out of 5 win guarantee, and won Florida's 5/36 FL Fantasy 5 Lotto jackpot.

The first time they used this free lotto system they won 14 prizes. The second time they used it they won eight prizes plus the first prize jackpot -- which paid $395,832.68 in a lump sum. The additional eight prizes they won consisted of three second prizes, which paid $404.50 each, and five third prizes which paid $5 each, giving them an extra $1,238.50.

The tickets were purchased for the group by Fred Welker of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. Fred Gscheidle and Jim Cawley, flew to Florida from Scranton to claim the big prize along with Welker. I flew to Scranton for the press conference, synchronizing my flight arrival with their return from Florida.

After they stepped off the plane, Gscheidle and Cawley unfurled a huge five-foot replica of their $395,832.68 check. They were holding it above their heads triumphantly as we descended on the escalator to a wildly applauding crowd below.

All 27 winners and their families had turned out for the celebration. Flashbulbs were popping and video cameras were emitting steady streams of light as newspaper reporters and TV camera crews from all three networks recorded the high-spirited event. Everyone was kissing and hugging, and I saw a few tears of joy.

Jim Cawley shouted over the pandemonium for silence. He announced that we were going to pass out the checks to each of the 27 lotto winners. One by one they came, graciously thanking me for making it all possible with my lottery systems. I gave each one a hug and a kiss and a check for $10,555.52. Welker and Tony Bliss, lodge president, each had two shares. Cawley and Gscheidle split a second share.

The Florida lottery pays the check to one name only. The check was made out to Fred Welker, so it was Welker's duty to deposit the lottery check in his own account and write the checks to each of the other winners. Welker confided that he enjoyed the power trip of writing so many big checks in one day!

The check came at a great time for some. Gscheidle's 23 year-old daughter, Laura, was to be married soon and the windfall would more than cover the wedding expenses.

Esther Wharton's job was ending on February 2, and her husband was laid off due to a nearly fatal accident. She said she had never played the lottery before in her life. Her 12-year old daughter, Tami, wore a T-shirt which proclaimed, "Tami's Mom Won the Florida Lottery!" Sisters Rosemary and Sandra Butruce, who each had a share, sported T-shirts covered with dollar bills pinned to them.

Even a small jackpot win can be an exciting emotional event. The joy experienced by each of those 27 winners will be a memory long cherished.

Their win is proof that it is better to win a small share of something than to win 100 percent of nothing. Pooling your money with others divides the ticket cost and multiplies your chances of winning. Pooling also allows you to play my larger wheeling systems.

Three years later, on April 1, 1993, Fred Gscheidle won another jackpot for his group. This time it was in Pennsylvania's 5/39 game. He used a Power Number® System also from my Wheel Five program [now Wheel Five Gold], which wheels 20 numbers and has a 4 out of 4 win guarantee. In addition to the first prize jackpot, they also won two second prizes.

Fred Gscheidle wrote,

Fred Gscheidle's Winner Letter

Dear Gail,

As you know it was on Jan. 26, 1990 that I hit my first jackpot in the Florida Fantasy 5 for over $395,000. You may remember that I put a group together from the Eagles Club here in my hometown of Scranton, PA. Using

My friend Jim Cawley and I flew down to Florida to claim our prize. You know what happened upon our return to Scranton because you were there to greet us at the airport along with the families of the winners. Even television cameras were there to greet us. It was like New Years Eve. I'll never forget you for that.

I have checked out other systems and not one of them compares to yours. So, needless to say, I have stuck to yours. Your systems are terrific and they work out every time I use them. Gail, I don't want to sound far out, but you are the "Guru of Lotto."

I also agree with you that the lower the odds in a Lotto, the better it is to play because it is easier to hit. I was elated when my state decided to run a Cash 5 Lotto, the same type as Florida's Fantasy 5. I called and wrote to some friends about it and put a group together.

The group had 22 shares and cost $20.00 each time we played per share. On our 30th try, we hit the jackpot. That was on April 1, 1993, April Fools Day, and we were no fools thanks to your systems. Again, I have you to thank for being a jackpot winner for the second time.

Although we only won $37,228.50 because there were 6 winning tickets in that ($250,000) drawing, everyone was very happy. We also had over a thousand dollars in winnings from two second prizes and 48 third prizes and over a hundred fourth prizes. I can only say: "WOW." When you hit with your systems, you really hit.

One of my players, Tony Kizis, is 82 years old and has been playing the Lotto for over 20 years. He has sent money over the years to various companies, including foreign Lotto and never won a nickel. He started playing with me and was happy when we won a little money. When we hit the jackpot he was elated. He said, "I finally hit a jackpot thanks to you."

When I received the prize money, he came over to my house for his check and he was all smiles. He kept saying, "I don't believe it." It really made me feel good.

I had one person drop out of the group a week before we hit, so I told a friend at work that I had an opening and he got it. Boy was he happy when we hit. I really felt bad for the guy that dropped out. I guess he should have had more faith in me, I wasn't doing that bad.

The people in our group are all ages, several are retired. I think the retirees were the happiest of all. Everyone wished that there weren't 6 winning tickets when we hit but they were still happy with the results. Even at $20 per play over 30 plays it was still a great investment. However, we had many small wins over the 30 plays, so it did not cost $20 every time we played.

We even had a few weeks when we won a lot more than it cost to play the next drawing and I sent checks to the players. I can't think of an investment of any kind that would pay a return like that in 30 weeks.

I am enclosing a copy of my claim form and check as you requested to verify my second jackpot win. (You already have copies of the 1990 jackpot win.) I'm going to put more groups together and use a larger wheeling system. This should give us even more small prizes when we don't hit a jackpot. When I win my third jackpot, I believe I will be the only person in the world to have won 3 jackpots. I love the all-cash jackpots because the odds are so good.

By the way, I also use your Advantage Gold software to track the numbers. This is the greatest tool I have ever seen to help me choose the numbers to play. Anyone with a computer that doesn't use this is missing the boat. I don't want to sound like a commercial for Gail Howard, but you deserve my praise.

You told me that this is your 40th jackpot won with your systems. Who else can make a claim like that? And just think, I have won two of them. I really believe that you will be hearing from me again and again with more jackpot news, especially when I get more groups together. I feel the more groups I have, the more jackpots I'll win. Once again, thank you very much Gail.

Your friend,
Fred Gscheidle

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