California Lotto Winner

Mitchell Drummond wins California Lotto


"You Are Truly a Miracle Worker."

Mitchell Drummond of Moreno Valley, California cashed in big by using my systems. But had it not been for Ken Dickkerson's Biorhythm chart, Mitch might not have bought the winning tickets that made him $454,434 richer on Nov. 21, 1987. But I'll let him tell his own story, as he wrote it to me:

"Dear Gail, Thank God for you, because you are truly a miracle worker in disguise. Thanks to you I am almost half a million dollars richer. So sit back and enjoy as I attempt to chronicle the events that led up to the happiest day of my life.

"Gail, I first heard of you in Jan. 1987 through a late night TV program. At the time I was a bored military air traffic controller with a burning desire to explore the untapped potential within me. After viewing your show, I felt very inspired. But as fate would have it, I had to return to work and was unable to get the mailing address to order your book. But fate took a turn. One night while shopping at a local super-market I picked up the "Globe." And there you were. I ordered your book immediately.

"I knew that your system would work. I just had to give it time. My faith in the system was solidified when I read the story of Willie and Juanita Richie. I knew if they could do it, I could too. I even used their idea of visualization. Every time I would see one of your advertisements that profiled the Northeastern housewife who won over $10 million but wished to remain anonymous, I would visualize myself in that picture. I also visualized myself at your Annual Winners Party. I had even written your social committee a letter requesting that they save me a seat. I wanted your system to work for me. I believed in you. It wasn't a matter of if I was going to hit the lottery, but when.

"I ordered Ken Dickkerson's Biorhythm chart. It arrived Nov. 20th. Sat., Nov. 21st I played CA 6/49 and won five plus the bonus. Ken had picked this as my super lucky day. My lottery club, of which I am president, also had a considerable win.

"But 40 minutes before the balls were drawn, I had a feeling come over me, Gail, that could only have been from God and it told me to play. I pulled out my State Lotteries book [State Lotteries: How to Get In It and How to Win It] and it opened to your 16-number wheel. This was my first time playing it. Forty-five minutes later I was practically half a million dollars richer.

"I was able to call Ken immediately. And when I returned home from a preplanned vacation, a letter from Ken was here. It shocked me beyond explanation to know that you personally wanted to congratulate me. That has been one of my dreams, Gail, to meet you in person.

"Today, a local newspaper is running an article. Enclosed you'll find a copy along with all the information to substantiate my claims. Thanks again, Gail.

Love you,

P.S. When people ask me now what's the secret to cracking the lottery, I give them the address to order your book and tell them that's the secret."

It is letters such as this that make my work exciting and fulfilling. Along with his letter, Mitch sent me two newspaper articles. The Moreno Valley Butterfield Express ran his story on the front page, headlined "Lotto winner . Man parlays system into $450,000." In the article, Mitch said, "I use the Gail Howard system which combines the numbers which have shown up most frequently over the last ten weeks in the lottery. You then take those numbers and punch them into her mathematical system. There's really no luck involved. I saw her on television and it seemed logical."

Another article Mitch sent me from the Beacon dated Feb. 13.. 1987, was headlined "Air Traffic II Controller here saves lives, aircraft". Two aircraft, flying on a collision course, would have collided except for the actions of Sergeant Drummond. He saved eight lives and more than $6 million of government resources, for which he was awarded the prestigious Aircraft Save Award. six years ago; he also received an Aircraft Assist Award.

Sergeant Drummond, an Air Traffic Control watch supervisor, attributed his swift reactions in providing air traffic control to the goals he strives to achieve. "I believe that every person should develop himself mentally, physically and spiritually. Drummond has an associates degree in applied science, a bachelor of science degree in occupational education and is currently enrolled in a masters degree program in public administration. He received his Senior Air Traffic Controller Badge in October 1984.

Besides winning numerous group awards, he still finds time to body build, jog and spend some quiet time reading and teaching young people.

"I merely want to show people that no matter where you are or what your situation is, if you put forth your maximum effort, you can be an achiever," he said.

I would say that Mitchell Drummond is the stuff winners are made of, both in the lottery and in life!

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