Indiana Lottery Winner

Dennis Walker wins Indiana Hoosier Lucky Five


"It Did Indeed Change My Life."

Dennis Walker wrote:

"Dear Gail Howard,

"My name is Dennis Walker and I would like to thank you for your wheeling systems.

"I won $50,000 playing your wheeling system #53017.

"I won playing the Indiana Hoosier Lucky Five [now Indiana Cash 5] lottery on August 5th, 1994. The winning numbers were 7-27-30-31-32.

"Winning the lottery allowed my wife and I to take a nice vacation, and money for a very nice down payment on a new home. It did indeed change my life.

"The only sensible way to play the lottery is to use your wheeling systems. Your wheeling systems do give you an advantage. They certainly worked for me.

"It is ok for you to use my name.

"Dennis Walker"

Winning Products

The lottery products Dennis Walker used to win the Hoosier Lucky 5 Indiana jackpot: Wheel #53017

17 number 3/3 Guarantee Balanced Wheeling® Lotto System #53017 found in:
Wheel Five Gold Wheel Five Gold™
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