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Remembering Betty Hicks

We love you Betty Hicks

Gail Howard Book Giveaway in National Examiner Magazine

Gail Howard's books are being offered in a giveaway appearing in National Examiner. This is issue #34 of 2015 dated August 24, 2015. Pick up a copy to enter the giveaway!

National Examiner Cover
National Examiner Giveaway

Customer feedback for Advantage Gold

We would like to share some great reviews of the new Advantage Gold. Thanks to our customers for sharing!

Advantage Gold Reviews:

"I am so happy with your New Updated program; You have hit it out of the ballpark this time. The upgrade is fast, accurate, blazing fast, fun to use, and that is before any Numbers are Picked out! It makes all the other lotto programs - I've tried a lot of them - obsolete and prehistoric." Dan M.

"I have had time to play with the new product and wish to compliment you on the product final result!! I am a retired IT director and find this product to be very intuitive and immeasurable in the information that it provides. GREAT JOB!!" Joe C.

"Just wanted to say that I Love the New Advantage Gold Charts! I Can change the Fonts, Style, & Size! I can Print them, Cut them & Tape Them! I can now see all 4 Charts at once & highlight the Best Hitting Numbers!" Texamos

"On a personal note, the visual impact of of this software is something else, love the blues and violet highlight bar, very easy on the eyes. The chart is crisp and clear. ... Can't say enough about the software!!" Kerry O.

"Looks like your software A+Gold is a killer !!!! After first day use see the results attached [$1,005 Ontario Daily Keno lottery winnings]." Tom W.

"Firstly the Chart 5b is an astounding percentage helper chart. Well thought out! Chart 3b is an interesting one. I like all the data on one page." Jason M.

"Congratulations for the new version of Advantage Gold. I think it is perfect." Panagiotis G.

Find out more about Advantage Gold here!

Gail Howard featured as lotto expert in Woman's World magazine March 2015

Woman's Day Gail Howard lotto article
agold agold

We are excited to announce that our NEW Advantage Gold lottery strategy software for Windows is now available! Download the free limited demo today to try it out!

If you own Advantage Plus, you can purchase an upgrade to Advantage Gold for just $30 (+ S&H if not download only). Save over 60% off! If you have purchased Advantage Plus since December 1, 2014, you can request a free upgrade by download.

Mark Green wins second 7/7 Jackpot

Mark Green Keno Winner 2014

Read Mark Green's Lotto Winner Story!

Happy New Year from Smart Luck!

Lottery Winning Strategies Book

Click to view full size image, description of Lottery Winning Strategies, for sale on amazon.

Just One Number Away from that $ 250,000.00 Jackpot!

A Gail Howard fan shares his wins for the year. Thanks Tex Amos!

Gail Howard's 107th Lottery Jackpot Winner

107th new lotto winner smart luck

We have recently learned that on September 1, 2013, Wayne M. from Alhambra, California, won the $393,661 California Fantasy 5 jackpot. He used Balanced Wheel 53222 from Gail Howard's lottery wheeling book, Lotto Wheel Five to Win.

Read the full lotto jackpot winner story here!

Please watch, and share with your friends to spread the word about Smart Luck! Thank you! When you watch, look for a surprise deal!

Advantage Gold Tutorial Video

Thanks to our fan, Gamblin Queen, for making this great video about using charts in Advantage Gold!

Lottery Expert Gail Howard Video

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