Lottery Advantage Charts

Lottery Advantage Charts™

Overview: Lottery Advantage Charts™ contains a set of number selection strategy charts created for your selected lottery.
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Product Information

$15 Download of Lottery Advantage Charts

For Your Favorite Lottery Game!

Advantage Gold™ lotto software (and the older Advantage Plus) contains all the best of the famous Gail Howard original methods as well as her latest strategies to beat the newest lotto games, and you can try them out with this set of printed Lottery Advantage Charts.

About Lottery Advantage Charts


Media Options

Uses and Limitations

The Lottery Advantage printed charts can be useful for those without access to a computer or those with an operating system that will not run the Advantage Gold software. It is also an inexpensive option if you just want to try out using strategies to play the lotto once.

The Lottery Advantage printed charts are limited because they are calculated based on history only up to the last drawing since the chart was printed. They will quickly become out of date.

For the ability to create the charts yourself, you can order the Advantage Gold software, which will work for hundreds of lotteries, and will make the charts for any drawing you may want to play in the future.

U.S. Lottery Results Available for Lottery Advantage Charts

You can choose any of the following games when you add Lottery Advantage Charts to your cart. Note: USA POWERBALL is not currently available due to the recent number format change. It is better to wait until more combinations have been drawn under the new format so the trends will be more accurate.

Arizona Lottery

Arkansas Lottery

California Lottery

Colorado Lottery

Connecticut Lottery

Washington DC Lottery

Delaware Lottery

Florida Lottery

Georgia Lottery

Idaho Lottery

Illinois Lottery

Indiana Lottery

Iowa Lottery

Kansas Lottery

Kentucky Lottery

Louisiana Lottery

Maine Lottery

Maryland Lottery

Massachusetts Lottery

Michigan Lottery

Minnesota Lottery

Missouri Lottery

Montana Lottery

Nebraska Lottery

New Hampshire Lottery

New Jersey Lottery

New Mexico Lottery

New York Lottery

North Carolina Lottery

North Dakota Lottery

Ohio Lottery

Oklahoma Lottery

Oregon Lottery

Pennsylvania Lottery

Puerto Rico Lottery

Rhode Island Lottery

South Carolina Lottery

South Dakota Lottery

Tennessee Lottery

Texas Lottery

Vermont Lottery

Virgin Islands Lottery

Virginia Lottery

Washington Lottery

West Virginia Lottery

Wisconsin Lottery

Wyoming Lottery

World Lottery Results Available for Lottery Advantage Charts

You can choose any of the following games when you add Lottery Advantage Charts to your cart.

Anguilla Lottery

Antigua Lottery

Australia Lottery

Austria Lottery

Barbados Lottery

Belgium Lottery

Brazil Lottery

Canada Lottery

Chile Lottery

China Lottery

Colombia Lottery

Costa Rica Lottery

Croatia Lottery

czech Republic Lottery

Denmark Lottery

Dominican Republic Lottery

England Lottery

Estonia Lottery

EuroMillions Lottery

Finland Lottery

France Lottery

Germany Lottery

Greece Lottery

Holland Lottery

Hong Kong Lottery

Iceland Lottery

India Lottery

Ireland Lottery

Israel Lottery

Italy Lottery

Jamaica Lottery

Japan Lottery

Korea Lottery

Latvia Lottery

Lebanon Lottery

Lithuania Lottery

Luxembourg Lottery

Malaysia Lottery

Mauritius Lottery

Mexico Lottery

New Zealand Lottery

Norway Lottery

Peru Lottery

Philippines Lottery

Poland Lottery

Portugal Lottery

Rep of S Africa Lottery

Romania Lottery

Singapore Lottery

Slovenia Lottery

Spain Lottery

St. Kitts & Nevis Lottery

St. Maarten Lottery

Sweden Lottery

Switzerland Lottery

Taiwan Lottery

Trinidad/Tobago Lottery

Turkey Lottery

U.K. Lottery


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