Free Wheel System 3003 Jackpot Winners

The lottery software and lottery books of Gail Howard have been officially credited with winning 109 first prize Lotto jackpots with a combined total of more than $101 million dollars.

The free lotto Balanced Wheel® #3003 by Gail Howard has won at least two lotto jackpots, both for Florida's Fantasy 5 lotto game. Read about their stories and then try the winning wheel for yourself for free!

System 3003 Winner #1

Pat McDevitt became my 24th jackpot winner when she won $245,530.92 in Florida Fantasy 5 Lotto on May 15, 1990. Pat used Free Lotto System 3003, which wheels 11 Lotto numbers for only $10. In addition to the jackpot, she won four third prizes, making half of her 10 tickets winners!

Pat McDevitt's Winner Letter

Pat McDevitt Winner Story

"The day I bet the money, I had the flu. I was too sick to work. So, I fiddled around with the Lotto numbers on my computer. I thought, 'God, I need a new roof. I need a new car. I need money to take care of my mother. JUST GIVE ME A BREAK!'

"I went to bed early. The next morning I got the paper. I saw the drawing results and thought, 'Hmmm, I bet those numbers.' I wasn't all that excited. At first I couldn't find my glasses. Then I couldn't find my tickets. Then I became anxious. I poured myself a cup of coffee. I found my glasses and my tickets. And I saw all five winning numbers together on the third game. My heart was pounding.

"I walked into the Cove Gift Shop on 9850 Sandalfoot Blvd. in Boca Raton, where I had bought my lottery tickets.

"I've got some lottery tickets to cash in. I bet you don't have enough money to cash them!"

"Hell yes, we have."

"You won't have enough to pay this one."

"Holy Mackeral!!!"

"Mark, one of the owers, was as nervous as I was. His hands were shaking. He had never had a winner that big before. He called Tallahassee and they told him what to do."

"It's when you are either down on your luck or cashing in on it, that you find out who your true friends are. Most of Pat's friends were totally delighted to learn that she had won.

"Thomas Patti, her hairdresser for the past 20 years was in tears. He put his arms around me and said, 'I don't know a person in the world who deserves this more than you do.'

"Florence Ries, Pat's neighbor since 1974, is a widow living on Social Security.When her air conditioner conked out a couple of years ago, Pat told her, 'If I ever win the Lotto, I'll get you a new air conditioner.'

"Florence had spent the weekend with her son, Larry. On their return, as they entered her house, Florience said, 'This room is freezing.'

"Larry said, 'Boy, Mother, are you in for a surprise!'

"On the table was a late Mother's Day card from Pat McDevitt which said, 'I won the Lotto and here's your air conditioner.'

"Florence was close to tears as she talked to me about Pat McDevitt. The maintenance men refused to charge Pat for installing it because, they said, 'You were so good to give it to her.' Pat is such a wonderful person. She's been very good to me.'

'Not everyone was delighted with Pat's win. After Uncle Sam grabbed about $70,000, other relatives and 'friends' came by with hands open, palm side up. One relative wanted $25,000 to start a business. An employee wanted to be gifted with a new truck. When his wish wasn't granted, he quit and said spitefully, as he walked out the door, 'Enjoy your F------ money.'

'A friend, who had just cashed in a hefty insurance policy asked Pat to pay for a repair on her car. Pat told her to use some of her own windfall to repair it.

"I'll be damned if I will be the national bank," fumed Pat.

Another 'friend' of Pat's, when hearing this story said, 'I can't believe that she asked you for that money. As well as I know you, do you think I'd ask you for $5,000 to put a down payment on a condominium?'

"Pat claimed her 'friend' repeated this four times -- just in case the pointed message had escaped her. When Pat added up the requests for handouts, the total exceeded her win.

A friend told Pat, 'You have a rare opportunity that few people have. You finally know who your true friends are.'

Pat McDevitt wrote: 'Gail Howard's lottery wheels brought me home winners 2 times. On May 16, 1990, I won $245,350.97 by playing 10 games in Gail's system #3003 in (Florida's) Fantasy 5. In December 1992, I won 5 out of 6 in Lotto. I had one 5 of 6 for $4,300 plus several 4 of 6 and 3 of 6, giving me a total of $7,600. My advice—Don't count on dumb luck alone.'

System 3003 Winner #2

John Edmunds' Winner Letter

Dear Gail,

Enclosed find copy of the winning ticket for the Florida Fantasy Five on March 9, 1994 with a first prize of $24,776.57. The play ticket had 5 of 5 and two 3 of 5 on the same ticket. I used your Smart Luck Wheel Five System #3003, 11 numbers in ten games. I've played this system on and off for the remainder of 1994 and I've hit small prizes, 3 of 5 and some 4 of 5 on the average of once a week. I think your systems are excellent. Keep up the great work.

John Edmunds

Free Wheel 3003

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