Screenshots of Wheel Gold™ Programs

The Wheel Four Gold™, Wheel Five Gold™, Wheel Six Gold™, and Wheel Ten Gold™ are Smart Luck's newest Balanced Wheel® lottery programs for Windows. The programs offer a user-friendly interface that's better than ever, and they have more options than the old Wheel Four Plus, Wheel Five Plus, Wheel Six Plus, and Keno Wheel programs. These are just a few sample screenshots to show selected features of the programs. Note: These screenshots are slightly reduced in size. The actual default size of the program is somewhat larger and can be maximized to full screen.

These programs are now available! Order from our Lottery Software page or Download the FREE DEMO from our Downloads page.

Wheel Four Gold Wheel Index

Wheel Four Gold Main Screen. This is the main wheel index screen for a pick-size of 4 and no power numbers. It shows how many numbers you can wheel, the win guarantee of the wheel, and how many combinations the wheel produces. Just double click on the combinations (or click and then click the Make Wheel button) to select the wheel.

If you have history installed, you can click on the top right box to select which available lotto game you want to create a wheel for.

Wheel Ten Gold Pick-10 2 Power Number Wheels

Wheel Ten Gold, Pick-10, 2 Power Number Wheel Index Screen. Hovering over a cell in the chart will pop up a hint to explain what the numbers mean.

Wheel Six Gold by Numbers with Win Info

Wheel Six Gold By Numbers Wheel Index with Win Info Popup. This is another way you can view the available wheels to choose from. Click the Win Info button at the bottom to view the win guarantee information for any wheel you select.

Wheel Five Gold Enter Numbers to Wheel Screen

Wheel Five Gold Enter Your Numbers to Wheel Screen. Once you click on a wheel or choose Make Wheel, you will see this screen. You can use the mouse to click the numbers you want to enter in the wheel, or type them in and they will appear in the lettered boxes at the top. This screen also shows how many odd/even and low/high numbers you have chosen so far. With history installed, you can use several fill options instead of choosing your own numbers. Click the View Wheel button when you are finished entering your numbers.

Wheel Five Gold Wheeled Combinations

Wheel Five Gold Wheeled Combinations Screen. After you've made your wheel, you'll see this screen which shows each combination the wheel produced as well as its sum. From here, you can save, print, optimize, or modify the wheel. You can view the win info or test drive the wheel.

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