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Do you really want to win the lottery but need some help? Get together with others and join both Gail Howard fan groups and watch your luck change! Join with others discussing the strategies for various pick-5 and pick-6 lotto games, keno, Powerball, and Mega Millions.

Gail Howard Facebook Group

The Gail Howard Facebook Group is a lively group dedicated to using the Gail Howard strategies and methods. It is open to anyone who wants to actively participate. We have many winners in the group and there are tips and active discussions on lottery games in the US and Canada. If you want to join, please send a FB private message to TexAmos Fernandez. Please join us.

There are only two rules:
  1. You must own the Lottery Master Guide and be able to work from the book because Lottery Master Guide is the basis of all of Gail's lottery strategies. The software is also suggested. Proof of ownership is required as the book is often referred to.
  2. Don't ask for numbers. We work on the strategies and everybody comes up with their own numbers. We share and we discuss methodology. Spamming the group by asking for numbers will get you kicked out.

Tex-Amos Lottery School Website

The Tex-Amos Lottery School is the brand new website of Tex-Amos Fernandez, a winner and fan. It is free to everyone. One of our consistent winners, Mark Green from Canada, was tutored by Tex-Amos and won two jackpots in a six month period. Tex-Amos leads our daily group and has some time to help with Gail's charts. See how Tex-Amos wins Texas style, learn to master the charts, increase your odds and have some fun at the same time.

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