Gail Howard's Travel Adventures

Earlier in her fascinating career, Gail Howard traveled the world for 12 years globetrotting in 130 countries. The photos on this page show Gail Howard in several of the countries she visited during this time.

Gail Howard's Travel Adventure Websites and Photos

Read about Gail Howard's travel adventures in Mexico *NEW*, Alaska, Colombia, Egypt, the South Pacific, The Gambia, West Africa, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Ecuador, the Philippines, Russia, and Galapagos Islands -- with more adventures to come. Click the links above or the thumbnails below for photos and stories about Gail Howard's travel adventures in each country, or a larger version of the photo if no website is available.

Click to visit Gail Howard's Gambia, West Africa travel adventures web site. Gail hunts wild boar in The Gambia to feed the village of Bansang on the River Bansang, escapes a wild boar attack by scampering up a tree, only to be viciously bitten by hundreds of huge ants.
The Gambia Travel Adventures
The Gambia, West Africa
Click to visit Gail Howard's Galapagos Islands travel adventures web site. Gail and her sister, Terry, freely roam the unspoiled Galapagos Islands where birds and sea lions have no fear of man.
Galapagos Travel Adventures
Galapagos Islands
Gail Howard in China 1979. Gail Howard on the Great Wall of China, built in 220 BC.
Gail Howard in Cambodia 1965. Gail Howard at Angkor Wat, built in the 12th century.
Gail Howard in Togo, West Africa 1968. Gail Howard in a small village in Togo, West Africa.
Gail Howard in Greece 1967. Gail Howard at the Parthenon on the Acropolis.
Gail Howard in Australia 1964. Gail Howard in the Australian Outback feeding chips to a kangaroo.
Gail Howard in Morocco 1962. Gail Howard in Marrakech (Marrakesh), Morocco, talking to Muslim women wearing the traditional burqa robe (jilbab) and veil (hijaab).
Gail Howard in India 1965. Gail Howard sitting on a marble bench at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India.
Gail Howard in Japan  1964. Gail Howard brushing a future Kobe steak dinner.
Gail Howard in Kashmir 1967. Gail Howard standing on a shikara floating taxi on Dal Lake en route to Shalimar Gardens.
Gail Howard in Hong Kong 1964. Gail Howard in Hong Kong lighting incense for Chinese New Year.
Gail Howard in Korea 1965. Gail Howard hauls her handbag in the traditional Korean laborers' A-Frame wooden backpack, much to the amusement of the Mama-san looking on.
Gail Howard in Chad, Central African Republic 1968. Gail Howard with the 'duck-bill' women who insert increasingly larger wooden disks in a hole in the upper lip to widen the mouth to look like a duck's bill.
Central African Republic
Gail Howard in Peru 1961. Gail Howard and friend at the Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman near Cuzco (Cusco) Peru.
Gail Howard in Spanish Sahara 1962. Gail Howard on a mountainous sand dune in the Spanish Sahara.
Spanish Sahara
Gail Howard in Fakahina 1963. Gail Howard wearing a pareu, holding a coconut.
Gail Howard in New Zealand  1963. Gail Howard resting in a yoga posture after hiking up Mount Cook in New Zealand's South Island.
New Zealand
Gail Howard in Thailand 1965. Gail Howard riding an elephant near Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Gail Howard in Lebanon  1968. Gail Howard inside the 2000 year-old Temple of Bacchus at Baalbeck in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon.
Gail Howard in Viet Nam 1967. G.I.'s glancing back at Gail Howard walking down Tudo Street in Saigon.
Gail Howard in Sri Lanka 1967. Gail Howard at the Galle Face Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka
Gail Howard in Huahine, Society Islands 1963. Gail Howard in a pareu worn as a skirt in Huahine, Society Islands.
Gail Howard in Turkey 1967.
Gail Howard in Ghana 1968. Gail Howard at the Volta River Dam at Akosombo in Ghana, West Africa.
Gail Howard in Samoa 1963. Gail Howard in Pago Pago, Samoa, at Mary Pritchard's house, Mary Pritchard of Rainmaker Hotel fame.
Gail Howard in Singapore 1979. Gail's sister Terry and Gail Howard at Tiger Balm Gardens, Singapore.
Gail Howard in Uzbekistan 1967. Gail Howard at Sher-Dor Madrassa, Registan Square, Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
Gail Howard in Nepal 1965. Gail Howard at Swayambhunath Temple overlooking view of Kathmandu Valley, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Gail Howard at Los Riscos near Momostenango, Guatemala in 1960, Gail Howard standing in front of the Los Riscos curious sand formations.
Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar (Rangoon, Burma)
Myanmar (Burma)
Gail Howard at the pirogue races in Tahiti during the July 14, 1963 Fete
Pollo Maria Vera Tanguis, Gail Howard and Lidia Rodriguez holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa
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