Advantage Plus™ Editions

There is only one Advantage Plus program. Previously, we referred to Advantage Plus as three separate editions: USA, International, and Keno. When we were shipping Advantage Plus on 3.5 inch diskettes, the program would require one diskette and each set of history files required an additional diskette. The program has always been the same, but we called it the USA or International or Keno version based on which history diskette was sent with it.

Now that we are shipping on CD's, Flash Drives, and by download, that is irrelevant. We include all three sets of histories on the CD and on the Internet, so you can install any or all of them that you want. We hope that this avoids confusion of what version of Advantage Plus you have received or will need to order.

Please rest assured that Advantage Plus can be used with any of the lottery games included in the list at our slh history files page. Additionally, you can add a new lotto game that we don't track if you need to, as long as it follows a normal lottery format, and not a bingo-type or daily digit format.

Please see the Advantage Plus page for more details about what this software includes.

Advantage Plus

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