A: We now offer limited free demo versions of all of the new Windows lotto software.

Advantage Gold Demo *NEW*

For a free trial version of FFWG program, download the program from our downloads page and run it in demo mode.

Wheel Gold Demo

For free trial versions of the Wheel Gold series programs: Wheel Four Gold™, Wheel Five Gold™, Wheel Six GOld™, and Wheel Ten Gold™, download the Wheel Gold program from our downloads page (click on any Wheel Gold program, the install file is the same for all), and Wheel Gold will run in demo mode if you do not enter a license. For more instructions on installing the demo, see FAQ 440.

Filtering Full Wheel Generator Demo

For a free trial version of FFWG program, download the program from our downloads page and run it in demo mode.

Product Descriptions

We have made every effort to explain in thorough details on the product description pages how each program works and the features it offers.

View our Product Descriptions:

Program Screen Shots

We have also provided some screen shots for some of the programs that may be of interest.

Advantage Gold™ Program Screen Shots - There are also a few more screenshots of this program on various FAQ pages.

FFWG Program Screen Shots - FFWG and FWGP have a new Windows format interface.

Wheel Gold Program Screen Shots - the Wheel Gold programs have a new Windows format interface similar to FFWG and FWGP.

Free Wheels

If you're unsure what a wheel is like and you don't want to download the free Balanced Wheel® program demos, try out our Free Lottery Wheels, most of which have proof that they've won jackpots for others. Wheel 608 is for pick-6 games, and the rest are for pick-5 or Powerball type games (for Powerball, use a pick-5 wheel for the main set and then mark the bonus balls separately on your tickets).

Note: These free wheels are javascript web versions to give you an idea of how wheeling works. The look and functionality of our online free wheels are NOT the same as our Wheel Five Gold™ and Wheel Six Gold™ programs (download demo versions to see how these programs look), though the formulas that produce the wheels are the same as they are in the software.

More Program Clarification

Smart Luck FAQ - Our extensive FAQ has answered the most popular questions about our products. This is the first place to look for more details.

Email Product Info - If you have a specific question not answered by the FAQ or product pages, we'd be happy to clarify.

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