Smart Luck

Windows 10 Printing Issue with Software

printer-1427225We have had some customers who had trouble printing from Advantage Gold or other Smart Luck software on their Windows 10 computer, but had no idea why. There is one likely cause that you should check first if you are seeing this problem.

Windows 10 has a default setting of “Let windows manage default printer”. In this mode, any printer you use becomes the default printer. If you use a CD maker, pdf printer, the fax portion of a multi-device, etc, this will automatically become the default printer, which probably is not what you want to happen.

The simple solution is:

  1. Click Start Window button in the bottom left
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Devices
  4. Under the Printers & Scanners section, look for the “Let Windows manage my default printer” setting and make sure it is set to Off
  5. Make sure the printer you want to be the default is shown as default under Printers & Scanners section of this same settings page. If it is not, click the right one as choose “Set as default”

We have updated our printing FAQ page to include this information.