NEW Windows 10 Printing Issue

Windows 10 has a default setting of "Let windows manage default printer". In this mode, any printer you use becomes the default printer. If you use a CD maker, pdf printer, the fax portion of a multi-device, etc, this will automatically become the default printer, which probably is not what you want to happen.

The simple solution is:

  1. Click Start Window button in the bottom left
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Devices
  4. Under the Printers & Scanners section, look for the "Let Windows manage my default printer" setting and make sure it is set to Off
  5. Make sure the printer you want to be the default is shown as default under Printers & Scanners section of this same settings page. If it is not, click the right one as choose "Set as default"

Advantage Gold

If you see a problem with printing, please give EXACT details of what you tried to print and the problem to tech support.

Parallel Cable Printers

If your printer explicitly states that it works with the DOS operating system, and you have connected it to your computer via a parallel cable, then you should be able to use any of the pre-defined printer settings in Advantage Gold and print to LPT1, LPT2 or LPT3. These settings will give you the best results if they work. It won't hurt anything to try them. At most you will get an error message, so if it doesn't work, then use the Windows-Only Printer Option below.

USB Printers

If your printer is connected by USB port, DOS programs have no way to directly access them. Additionally, many of the new, supposedly "smarter" printers, do not have font tables or even the ability to translate and print simple ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) characters. They mostly support only raster graphics, that is, rows of dots that define the page. This used to be done inside the printers, but now is done by your computer in these cases. So now, instead of sending 4 or 5 thousand characters to the printer to print a page, often as much as 4 or 5 million characters has to be sent to define all the dots on that page.

All Smart Luck programs have been modified so that an option is provided that uses Windows to actually do the printing.

In Advantage Plus:
  1. Press F9-Setup from the Main Menu.
  2. Press #2 for Printer Setup.
  3. Leave Sideways Printer Name field blank, and press ENTER to get to Printer 1.
  4. Press F2-Pick A Printer.
  5. Use the arrow keys to select Windows Only Printer and press ENTER.The device field will automatically change to WIN.
For the DOS Wheel programs:

The simplest way to set this parameter is to close Advantage Gold and then run just the wheel program from the START->RUN command line. To do this, type in the run box:
C:\gh\gailw.exe /prn=win (for Wheel Four, Five or Six Plus) or
C:\gh\gailfwg.exe /prn=win (for Full Wheel Generator) or
C:\gh\gailkw.exe /prn=win (for Keno Wheel)
and click OK to execute the command.

NOTE: Some of the printer drivers lockup the machine or cause other problems if you print in Full Screen Mode. If your printer has this problem you will have to run the program in a windowed mode instead of full screen mode.

Network Printers on Win XP

To access a network printer when running on an XP machine, you will need to: Click START|RUN and type CMD.EXE
Then type:
net use lpt1:\\sharename /persistent:yes
\\sharename must be \\computername\NetworkNameforPrinter for example I use \\gonzo\hp because the computer where the printer is connected has the network name of gonzo and the network name for the shared printer is hp.

Network Printers on Other Versions of Windows

To print to a network printer in other versions of windows, click START->Settings->Control Panel->Printers and then right click on the network printer you want to use. If it is not there, you must add the network printer. Click on the Details tab and click the Capture button. There it has lpt port names and the network printer name. You have to use lpt1 lpt2 or lpt3 for the printer you want to use, and in the second field, identify the network printer you want access by that port name. Then in the Smart Luck program, be sure to set the device in printer setup to the same value.

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