Note: The NEW Advantage GOLD program is Windows based and will run without DOSBox. The best solution is to purchase Advantage Gold (or a $30 upgrade for Advantage Gold if you already own Advantage Plus).

IMPORTANT: The new version of Advantage Plus can print from DOSBox. You can download the new version here.

Printing from Dosbox - Old Directions

Dosbox does not connect to any printers and is not able to start a windows program. The net result is that programs running in Dosbox cannot print to a printer. However, they can easily print to a file.

To print Advantage Plus charts (or wheels from the DOS wheel programs), for example, press F2-Print, press 'f' to print to a file, type f for the file name and press ENTER. If the file already exists, it will ask if you want to Replace the file or Append to it. Type R or A.

When you are ready to send that file, f, to the printer, click on the Print F shortcut icon made in step 3 or press CTRL+ALT+p (That's press and hold down the CTRL key and at the same time, the ALT key to the left of the space bar, then press the letter p. It's definitely a two handed operation but not that difficult and is close to the Windows standard CTRL+p for printing and so should be fairly easy to remember). All charts in the file will then print. To avoid re-printing the same pages next time, be sure to select R to Replace the file when it asks.

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