Lotto Game Alert

Indiana Hoosier Lotto +Plus Game Change

Indiana lottery has made some changes to their oldest lotto game, Hoosier Lotto which originally started as a 6/48 game in 1994. Hoosier Lotto is now Hoosier Lotto with +PLUS, has lowered their number field, and has increased price to a cost of $2 per play. Jackpot odds has improved from 1 in 12.3 million […]

Smart Luck

Windows 10 Printing Issue with Software

We have had some customers who had trouble printing from Advantage Gold or other Smart Luck software on their Windows 10 computer, but had no idea why. There is one likely cause that you should check first if you are seeing this problem. Windows 10 has a default setting of “Let windows manage default printer”. […]