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Indiana Hoosier Lotto +Plus Game Change

Indiana lottery has made some changes to their oldest lotto game, Hoosier Lotto which originally started as a 6/48 game in 1994. Hoosier Lotto is now Hoosier Lotto with +PLUS, has lowered their number field, and has increased price to a cost of $2 per play. Jackpot odds has improved from 1 in 12.3 million to 1 in 9.4 million.

You can choose to add the optional +PLUS feature (adding $1 to the cost) to get a chance to match your Lotto numbers to a second set of six +PLUS numbers drawn with every Hoosier Lotto drawing.

Note about Smart Luck history file: Our software will still work the same for this game, but you will need to download the new history file. Because the number format is lower, it was necessary to start a new game file. If you update with favorites in Lottery Updater, you’ll need to go into change your favorites to select the new file – in0646.slh. The old file, in0648.slh will no longer be updated. With the new file, you will only be using history from the new number field date. This means that it will take some time for the game to build enough data for the charts to be as useful as they were, but you can still use short term charts in the meantime.

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