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North Carolina Cash 5 Game Change

North Carolina lottery has updated their pick-5 game. The NC Cash5 game has gone from a 5/39 to 5/41 number format. The odds are now one in 749,398, up from the old one in 1 in 575,757 odds.

Game Change Stats

Note about Smart Luck history file

Our software will still work the same for this game, but you will need to download the new history file. Every time a game changes, we have to rename the history file to match the new number format. If you update with favorites in Lottery Updater, you’ll need to go into change your favorites to select the new file – nc0541.slh. The old file, nc0539.slh will no longer be updated. The new file still includes the old history for you to use until there are enough drawings with the 5/41 format to work with. Then, we will lock the range of the game to start by default at the date of the current format beginning. You can change the range at any time yourself to include or exclude the past drawings.