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Puerto Rico Loto+ and Revancha Lotto Game Changes

Puerto Rico made big changes to their Loto and Revancha games. Their Lotto game began in 1991 as a 6/38 game and gradually increased format until the 2008 change when it became a 6/46 game. Revancha was added in 2002 and has always been the same format as Lotto, since it is an add on game. In May 2016, the Puerto Rico lottery changed these games from their traditional pick-6 format to become a powerball type game. The games are now Loto+ Plus and Revancha x2 and are a 5/40 + 1/15 number format.

Game Change Stats

Note about Smart Luck history file

Our Advantage Gold software will still work the same for this game, but you will need to download the new history files. When a game changes this drastically, we must start over with a new history file that matches its number format. The old history is no longer relevant. If you update with favorites in Lottery Updater, you’ll need to go into change your favorites to select the new files – pr0540.slh and pr0540x. The old files, pr0646.slh and pr0646x.slh will no longer be updated. The new games will need some time to develop enough drawings for the medium and long term charts to be useful, but in the meantime, you can use the short term charts. For wheeling, you will now need pick-5 wheels instead of pick-6. You will mark the bonus number separately on your tickets as they are not included in the wheel.