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WON: Powerball Jackpot Alert – $415 Million for May 7th


The Powerball jackpot which reached $429 Million on Saturday was won by a single ticket in Trenton, New Jersey (ticket sold at a 7-Eleven store). The winning numbers from May 7th were 5-25-26-44-66 and the Powerball number was 9. The jackpot is the sixth-largest in Powerball jackpot history, and the largest single jackpot winning ticket sold in New Jersey.

Powerball is getting hot once again, after rolling over since the last winning Powerball combination was drawn on March 2nd.  The jackpot is currently estimated at $415 Million for the next drawing on Saturday, May 7th.

The Winning Powerball Numbers

The latest Powerball winning numbers from Wednesday (May 4th) were: 47, 69, 30, 66, 57. The Powerball was 3.

Playing the Powerball Game Smarter

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How to Win a Powerball lotto jackpot

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