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Mega Millions $540 Million Jackpot Won

Latest News: Mega Millions $540 million jackpot was one on a single ticket in Indiana. The numbers from Friday’s drawing were 8, 19, 20, 55, and 73. The mega ball was 5. The winner will collect the third largest Mega Millions prize and 7th overall largest jackpot in U.S. history.

Tuesday night’s Mega Millions drawing, with numbers 29-46-53-64-73 and mega ball 10, failed to produce a jackpot winner. After more than 30 drawings without a grand prize won since the last winner in March, Mega Millions has climbed to an estimated $540 million jackpot for Friday July 8th. This is the 7th largest lottery jackpot in US history. It has a cash value of $357 million.

Is $540 Million Worth Playing Mega Millions Lotto Game?

Mega Millions tickets still cost just $1 each, half the price of a Powerball ticket, which definitely makes it affordable. Why not toss in a few bucks with a jackpot this high? Half a billion dollars, anyone? Yes, please! Sure, don’t get your hopes too high, but you have zero chance of winning if you don’t buy a ticket! The Mega Millions jackpot odds are still astronomical at one in 258,890,850, but your chances of winning any prize are just 1 in 14.7. And you can definitely improve those odds if you use Smart Luck strategies to pick your Mega Millions numbers and a wheel to guarantee you win a Mega Millions prize!

How to Win Mega Millions