Smart Luck

Hurricane Irma Delays for Smart Luck

UPDATE (9/13/17): Power, phones, and internet have been restored to our office! We are back in operation. Thank you again for your patience.

UPDATE (9/12/17): The Tampa Bay area was lucky as Hurricane Irma weakened significantly from predictions and did not come as far West as expected. Our office did not sustain significant damage, but we are still out of power with no way of knowing when power will be restored. We do have one employee who is able to update the lotto history files and website, but order processing/shipping and tech support will be unavailable until power is restored to our office. We thank you for your patience!

Notice: Hurricane Irma is predicted to affect much of Florida early next week, including a likely direct hit to the location of our corporate office in the Tampa Bay area. Please expect delays in support and order processing including download only orders as Smart Luck will be closed. This also includes lotto history file updates, but remember, you can enter drawing results into the program yourself. It only takes a few seconds. Please see the Advantage Gold manual for instructions.

We anticipate this delay to include at least a few days or all of next week and potentially longer depending on how long it takes to restore power and utilities. We thank you for your patience!

Good luck to everyone else in the path of Hurricane Irma! STAY SAFE is currently our state motto.