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News about Canada Lotto Max Game Files

UPDATE: We now have 2 versions of all of these game files available. The ones labeled 7/49x include the bonus drawings. The files without an x are just the main drawings.

We have recently had several questions from customers concerned that the Canada Lotto Max files have been corrupted because they now include some drawings that do not have bonus numbers, but instead have a ballset listed. We apologize for the confusion, but this is not a mistake. We changed the files to include the extra (called “Maxmillions” for Lotto Max) drawings results due to some customers wanting to strategize with those results included.

The affected files include:

  • Canada Lotto Max (can0749.slh)
  • Quebec Max (can0749q.slh)
  • Western Max (can0749w.slh)

We have designated ballset numbers for those extra drawings to keep them in draw order. Because of the ballsets, you can easily separate these drawings if you want to. If you do not want to use these maxmillions drawings in your calculations, use History View Filter – Chart O, go to Ballsets, and select “none”. You can clear the filter setting at any time.

Don’t forget, you can use History View Filters for any game! See more about this great feature here.


When the LOTTO MAX Jackpot reaches above $50 million, additional MAXMILLIONS draws will occur with prizes of $1 million each. MAXMILLIONS and the prize money will increase until the jackpot reaches $60 million. At that point, only MAXMILLIONS can grow. That means each combination of numbers on your ticket will have more chances to win. All of your tickets can be compared to all sets of MAXMILLIONS numbers for that draw. To win or share a MAXMILLIONS prize, you must exactly match all seven numbers on one line of your ticket; there are no smaller prizes.

QUEBEC MAX and WESTERN MAX have 7 additional $1 million prize drawings.