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New Jersey Cash 5 GAME CHANGE

New Jersey Cash 5 made some changes to its format starting with the June 29, 2020 drawing. The game is now a pick-5 out of 45 numbers (up from 5/43 previously) with odds of one in 1,221,759 (up from previous odds of one in 962,598), and a starting jackpot of $100,000 (up from $75,000).

Game Change Stats

If you use Smart Luck lottery strategy software for this game, the same Advantage Gold program will work for this game. All you have to do is download the new history file. The file still includes the history for the old format, but once there is enough history with the new format, we will lock the game range to exclude the old drawings (which you can choose to use or not yourself). The old game file will no longer be updated.

Similarly, the same pick-5 wheels will still work for this game.

2 replies on “New Jersey Cash 5 GAME CHANGE”

Hello – Can you give more detailed instructions on how to update to the new nJ 45 game? I downloaded this and opened up but do not see at as option or an update to the current Pick 5 game. thanks

This set of charts was for Powerball, not any other lottery and you can’t modify this. If you own Advantage Gold, it will show you charts for NJ lotteries or any others.

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