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Why upgrade to Advantage Gold?

Did you know that our DOS Advantage Plus lottery strategy software was completely redone to Windows format Advantage Gold last year? It is available for only $30 as an upgrade to Advantage Plus owners.

Advantage Gold lottery software upgrade

If you aren’t sure what the difference is or whether you want to upgrade when you are still using Advantage Plus just fine, check out this article which explains exactly what is new in Advantage Gold and what the advantages are over Advantage Plus. See side by side screenshots, new feature comparisons, customer reviews, and more. Then, download Advantage Gold to try in limited demo mode for free!

We think you will love the new program, as so many customers have told us they did!

Advantage Gold Upgrade

One reply on “Why upgrade to Advantage Gold?”

After using the Old DOS A+ for 30 years its hard to get away from it! So I use both of Them! I love the New A+ Gold! More Charts, More Colors, Easy to Read the Charts & Print! I love to Print Chart 4B & 4A! I then paste them together to create Chart 4BA!

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