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Australia Powerball GAME CHANGE

Australia Powerball has changed format again. Once a pick-5+pick-1 game and then a pick-6+pick-1 game, it is now a pick-7+pick-1 game. On April 19, 2018, the first drawing under the new format was held. The odds of winning the game are up to one in 134,490,400. The former 6/40+1/20 game had odds of one in 76,767,600.

We have started new game files for this game, which can be used with Advantage Gold and other Smart Luck lottery software. The old game files will no longer be updated. If you use favorites in Lottery Updater, you will need to select the new game files. Our software will work the same with these new files as they did with the old files. You will just need to wait a few months for more drawings to build up with the new format in order for the medium and long-term trend charts to be useful. Wheel Six Gold will still work, but you will need to choose pick-7 wheels instead of pick-6.

Game Change Stats