A: Once your Smart Luck download order is processed (usually same day if ordered before 1pm Eastern, or next day, but guaranteed within 2 business days of your order placement), you will be emailed with a text file attachment that includes download instructions and your install key codes. Note that downloads are not immediate! See the Shipping Policies page for more information about order processing times.

Download Install Programs

Use this link to download the software: download Smart Luck programs here.

From that page, you can click "Advantage Gold Download", "Wheel Six Gold Download", etc for the programs you purchased. Select RUN (or SAVE to a location you can remember/find later) and follow the steps to download and install the program. When prompted, enter your download codes from the email, EXACTLY as written, including capitalization and punctuation (see FAQ406 for more info about code entering). Make sure you are entering the right set of codes for the right program, as each set of codes will only open the program it was created for. Note: If you did not purchase the program, then you will not be able to install the software.

Download Program Manuals

From the downloads page, you can also download software manuals or Quick Start Guides for some of the programs. Be sure to click "Download PDF Manual" next to the program(s) you purchased so that you can read through it for help. FWGP, FFWG, and Wheel Gold have extensive built in help rather than a manual - press F1 within those programs to access the help file.

Install Lotto History Files

If you ordered Advantage Gold, you will also need to download Lottery Updater (or individual history files) and use it to download the files for Advantage Gold to use. If you ordered Wheel Gold or FFWG, you'll also need Lottery Updater to download files and if using without Advantage Gold, you'll need the free SLHEdit program so FWGP/FFWG can use the files without Advantage Gold.

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