A: The most common reasons that people get an error that their serial number, key, and/or name doesn't match are:

1. Installing a Program Different From The One Purchased

They may be trying to install the wrong program (one they didn't buy). Please make sure the program you are installing matches the EXACT program you purchased (this is listed above the install codes on your cd envelope or in the email that your download codes were sent in).

Gold vs. Plus
If you just purchased Advantage Gold or a Wheel Gold program, make sure you downloaded the correct Advantage Gold or Wheel Gold install file and not one of the old Wheel Plus or Advantage Plus install files. The icons for the new programs have * instead of + next to them. You must use the new serial number created for this program. Old Plus serial numbers and codes will NOT install new Gold programs.

Also note: Wheel Gold has only one install file which works for 4*, F*, W*, and K*. If you have installed one Wheel Gold program, you can simply serialize additional wheels from the same program (Help ->Serialize additional wheels). Then, the corresponding pick-sizes will be unlocked for the program(s) you purchased.

Installing from CD
Every Smart Luck program is on the CD we ship (and it still uses only about 7% of the CD). You can only install programs you bought which are shown on the back of the cd envelope. Each line contains the serial number and install keys for one program. Each line starts with a letter that identifies the program, like A+ or W*. Only these programs can be installed, however, windows versions of our wheel programs will install without codes or serial numbers and can be used in demo mode. We recommend you use the default folder c:/gh for any of our DOS programs. Windows programs should be installed in the default location (program files).

If you purchased multiple programs, take care to ensure you are installing each program with the code that corresponds to it. Each code will unlock only the one program it was created for.

It is especially important to double check that you are installing the right program if you ordered a Full Wheel Generator program, as there are 3 versions of this program on the download page. You must download the same one that your code is for (either G/Full Wheel Generator, G+/Full Wheel Generator Plus, or G*/Filtering Full Wheel Generator).

2. Typing Codes Incorrectly

They may not be typing the codes exactly as written. Please make sure to use the EXACT capitalization and punctuation that is printed on the envelope (or in the email). If you have any periods in your name, include those as well. If you typed your name incorrectly in your order, you still have to type your name as it appears in your codes, or it will not work.

Alternative Solution - Save Installation Codes from Email

If you ordered by download, the easiest method to open the programs is to copy the codes directly from the email so the program will autofill the information. You will still have to be sure you are installing the right program, but it will remove the possibility of a typo in the codes. Alternatively, you could save the text file attachment to your desktop, and the program will also find it that way and autofill.

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