A: You can get free lotto results to use with Smart Luck software. There are several ways you can update your lotto histories to get the latest winning lotto numbers for your game. You can update for free using our website, for any game file that we track, which includes hundreds of games around the world. Our lotto files are guaranteed to be updated every Monday (excluding postal holidays), but we do our best to provide new updates daily Monday-Friday (excluding US Postal Holidays).

Free Lottery Updater
The simplest way to update is to use Lottery Updater. This is installed together with Advantage Gold and our Windows Wheel programs, or you can download the install file here: Free Lottery Updater. Choose your favorites with Lottery Updater and then you can update your specific group of files at one time. You can also use this program to download entire groups of files for the USA, international, or keno games.

SLH File Downloads
Alternatively, you can go to our SLH downloads page and download either the complete set of history files for USA, International, and/or Keno games, or download the individual files for only the games you play. Save these files to your C:/GH drive (or other folder where Advantage Gold is installed).

Manual Updating
For lotto games we do not track, or to update your file more frequently, we have provided instructions. See FAQ319 to learn how to update or modify a drawing for an existing history file. See FAQ303 to learn how to set up a new game file for a game we do not track.

Upgrade CD
You can also purchase updates to be shipped on CD if you have missed a lot of drawings, cannot have access to the internet, and cannot enter the drawings yourself. For lotto history updates, just add an Advantage Gold upgrade to your cart here. Note: You must provide a serial number of your previously purchased version of Advantage Gold.

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