A: First, you can keep track of lotto changes with our lotto alert page. If the game is listed there, you can download the new file which includes the updated changes. Please note, the file will be changed to a different name if the structure changed. If a Florida game went from 6/53 to 6/60 for example, the old fl0653.slh file would now be named fl0660.slh. If you do not see the game changes listed or the new file, contact us about the game.

Or use the following information to change the structure of Lotto game files in Advantage Plus to adapt to new games or changes to existing games.

When any changes occur to lotto games:
The simplest thing to do is to download a new file for the changed lottery the following Monday, though it is neither difficult nor time-consuming to make the changes yourself. Refer to pages 14 and 15 in Advantage Plus manual or follow the instructions below.

When more numbers are added to the lottery:
You can modify the old game in just a few seconds: From Advantage Plus main menu, press 1 and highlight the existing lottery file. Press F3-Modify, and press the down arrow until the light bar will not go any farther. This should be under the Starting Draw Date column. Type in the date of the first drawing of the new game as six digits mmddyy and press ENTER, then type in the new game size and press F3-Save&Exit. If more than 4 numbers are added, it is usually better to start a new file.

When lottery game size is reduced:
You can continue using the old game with no changes until sufficient history is collected to merit starting a new file. You cannot lower the number of numbers used in a game. It will not work correctly.

When bonus numbers are added/removed:
From Advantage Plus main menu, press 1 and highlight the changed game file. Press F3-Modify, and press the DOWN arrow until the lightbar is positioned on the bonus number field. Type the correct number of bonus numbers and press F3-Save&Exit. Be aware that if you enter zero for the number of bonus numbers in a file that had bonus numbers, the bonus numbers will be removed from the file and will be permanently gone. Since the program does not force you to have a value in this field, you can just continue using a file that stopped using a bonus number and the old contents will remain available.

When additional drawing days are added:
When drawing days are added, Advantage Plus will project the wrong drawing date the next time you attempt to enter a new drawing. To correct this just use the backspace or left arrow to position the lightbar over the date and type in the correct date as a six-digit number (mmddyy) and press ENTER. When a week of drawings has been collected the program will resume correctly assigning the dates.

How to set up a new Lotto game

See Also: FAQ319 - How to Enter a New Game Drawing in Advantage Plus.

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