A: The Full Wheel Generator Plus, which wheels up to 99 numbers for every pick size from pick-4 to pick-10, costs less to BUY than Gail Howard's other wheeling programs, but it contains ONLY FULL WHEELS, which can quickly get into thousands of combinations. Full wheels include every possible combination of a group of numbers, including such unlikely sets as 1-2-3-4-5-6 and all odd numbers and all even numbers, etc.

The unlikely-to-win combinations are not eliminated as they are in Gail Howard's Balanced Wheel® programs. Because of this, the Full Wheel Generator Plus is recommended only for large pools and syndicates and is not recommended for individuals to use. If a pool or syndicate wants to buy a 6/49 jackpot by spending $13,983,816.00 on tickets, this program will make all the combinations for you.

If you still want to start with full wheels, the better option is the new Filtering Full Wheel Generator which still makes the same full wheels, but also gives you the option of reducing combinations by adding various filters. This gives the program much more flexibility, and it is more useful to the individual lotto player.

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