A: The Full Wheel Generator Plus is recommended only for lotto pools and groups. The software produces only complete wheels which cover every possible combination of the numbers you choose. This makes it very expensive to use because of the number of tickets you have to buy. The Balanced Wheel® programs already include full wheels up to about 500 combinations if you only want the smaller full wheels.

FFWG and Balanced Wheel® Programs are More Versatile

Gail recommends the newer Filtering Full Wheel Generator which can reduce combinations by adding filters, or Balanced Wheel® programs like Wheel Five Gold or Wheel Six Gold to individual lotto players rather than the Full Wheel Generator Plus because you can choose the wheel size that's best for you based on your budget and the minimum win guarantee you want. Both Full Wheel Generator Plus and Filtering Full Wheel Generator are Windows programs that will run on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP and above.

FWFP/FFWG vs. Balanced Wheeling Programs

If you are unsure about the differences between FFWG and a Balanced Wheel® program, see Should I buy a Balanced Wheel® program or FFWG?

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