A: Yes, of course! Gail Howard is the only lottery expert who can prove her systems have won millions of dollars for dozens of people. 107 lottery jackpots worth more than $101 million have been won with Gail Howard's lotto systems and strategies. Read their stories and see their photos in newspaper articles about Gail's winners. You can also read short excerpts from testimonials given by her winners.

How About Recent Wins?

We have also had some questions about whether Gail Howard's products are still relevant because there are more winners from the 1990s than the 2000s. The answer is that the strategies are always relevant because they are automatically calculated based on the most recent drawings in a game.

We have had some more recent lottery winners which are listed at the top of our jackpot winner list.

There are a few reasons that we list fewer new winners than past decades:
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