A: Error code 0 in Smart Luck's Lottery Updater can be caused by two issues. One we can fix, the other we don't know what is causing (most likely an anti-spamware program is blocking Lottery Updater). The one we can fix is caused by the corruption of the Lottery Updater configuration file. Apparently the web site address fields are being blanked in the file. If we delete the configuration file, then run the program again it will re-create this file with the correct values in it again. This usually fixes the problem.

Steps to Remove SLHHTTP.INI Configuration File in Advantage Plus

  1. First, please make sure you have the most up to date version of Lottery Updater. run lusetup.exe here to install the current version.
  2. Run Lottery Updater again and if the problem is fixed, you don't need to finish these steps.
  3. If the new version has not fixed the problem, make sure Advantage Plus and Lottery Updater are closed.
  4. Go to the folder where Advantage Plus is installed, usually C:\GH. If you do not know how to locate this file, view instructions here.
  5. Locate slhhttp.ini and delete the file.
  6. Run Lottery Updater again.
Lottery Updater will recreate the slhftp.ini file and may take a few minutes to reinitialize itself. After it's done, you should be able to use Lottery Updater again, unless the problem was actually a connection problem. Go to Choose Your Favorite Lotteries to reselect which games you want to download, as these settings were lost when the slhftp.ini file was deleted.


If the above steps do not fix Lottery Updater, then you will have to install the history file from our web site manually from one of these methods:

Install an entire set of files, USA, NON-USA or KENO.

Install individual files.

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