A: NOTE: Download the NEW Lottery Updater first to see if that solves your problems.

Program Blocked By Firewall

For the older Lottery Updater, it is most likely being blocked by your firewall program built into Windows. It automatically blocks any program you run unless you specifically give it permission to access the Internet. To do that, click on START | CONTROL PANEL | SECURITY CENTER. Then at the bottom of the security page, you will see "Manage Security Settings for." Click on WINDOWS FIREWALL, then on Exceptions, and you should see SLHFTP.EXE without a checkmark in the box next to it. Put a checkmark there, click APPLY, and the program should then work.

Also see: FAQ448: How do I add exceptions for Smart Luck programs in Norton?

Multiple Firewalls

HOWEVER, if you have a second firewall like Norton Internet Security or Macafee Firewall or Zonealarm (these are the most popular ones), you will have to do the equivalent task in the second firewall you have.

Alternative Download Method

A simple alternative is to just download the individual files or sets of files that you want. To do so, go to our SLH File Downloads. If you intend to do this regularly, when you get the site up, right click on the page and choose CREATE SHORTCUT so it will make a shortcut on your desktop to this page.

On this page, all of the individual files are grouped by state or country. Just click on a file you want to download and save it to your C:\GH\ folder, or right-click and choose from the popup menu, "Save Target as" and choose the same folder, C:\GH\. If you've previously downloaded this file, you should see a warning that the file exists (which means you are saving in the correct location). You only need to select the location for the FIRST file you download. For additional files, just click and save to the selected location.

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