A: The Lottery Advantage Charts are a set of about 30 charts printed by Advantage Gold for a specific lottery. They come with a short manual that shows very briefly how to read the charts. These charts can be useful if you do not have access to a computer and you want a starting place for tracking history trends, but they will quickly be out of date as this data changes for every lotto drawing. More about Lottery Advantage Charts.

How much do Lottery Charts cost?

The cost of a Lottery Advantage Chart set is $15 per lottery plus shipping $5.00 for USA, $20.00 for Canada, $24.00 elsewhere. Shipping covers up to three sets of charts. Or you can order a pdf emailed version of the charts to save on shipping.

How do you order Lottery Advantage Charts?

If you'd like to order a set of charts for your lottery (only available to the games we track, listed here, you can:

If I like the charts, what else can I buy to improve my odds of winning lotto?

For best winning results, order Advantage Gold lotto software to help you pick winning numbers any time. The program works for hundreds of lotteries, and will make the charts for any drawing you may want to play in the future. All you have to do is download our free lottery updates to get the newest results and charts any day.

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