Games out is the number of games or drawings a lotto number has skipped since the last hit. Skips of up to FIVE games out are the most significant. For our example, we have the following drawing history side by side with the games out for each number in the drawing:
        DRAWINGS             GAMES OUT
May 1: 07-10-14-20-21     03-02-03-11-00
May 2: 03-15-27-30-32     05-03-20-06-07
May 3: 01-10-11-19-30     09-01-08-15-00
May 4: 02-06-14-15-17     05-10-02-01-08
May 5: 01-06-20-25-29     01-00-03-06-12

The games out listings for the first 2 drawings here cannot be explained because the previous drawings are not shown here, so don't be confused about those. Starting at the May 3 drawing, we can see that number 10 is 1 game out because it hit May 1, skipped May 2, and hit again May 3. It skipped a total of one games between hits, so it is shown as 1 game out at the time of the May 3 drawing. In the May 5 drawing, number 1 is 1 game out because it hit May 3, skipped May 4, and hit again May 5. Number 6 hit back to back May 4 and May 5, so after the May 5 drawing, number 6 is 0 games out because it did not skip any drawings before hitting again. Number 20 hit May 1, skipped May 2, 3, and 4 (3 drawings), and hit again May 5, so it is 3 games out.

Make a chart like the one below for your lottery. Write a GAMES OUT column with the numbers 0 to 5. Look at just the last 5 drawings like our example above. Count the number of 00's in the games out section, the number of 1's, etc up to 5 and fill that out in the TOTAL column. If any skip from 0 to 5 did not occur, play the Lotto numbers that are out that many games.
    0             3
    1             3	   
    2             2
    3             4
    4             0
    5             2
In this example, there have been no numbers with a games out of 4 that hit in the past 5 drawings, so it would be good to play those numbers which have been out 4 games. In this example, numbers 7 and 21 would both be 4 games out if they hit the next drawing because they hit May 1 but missed the four games after that drawing. These 2 numbers would be good numbers to play for the May 6 drawing.

You can find the Games Out value for numbers using the Games Out View of History chart in Advantage Plus (chart B). Sub charts for this chart show the games out total and values like above.

Games Out Lotto Strategy Chart
Screenshot of Advantage Plus, Games Out View of History

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