A: If you have a problem with the f-keys not working with our programs, this issue is usually caused by the function keys being re-mapped, especially on laptop computers which assign those keys to special hardware functions like changing the brightness or sound volume. Desktops that reassign the keys assign them to various windows functions like browse the Internet, or open email program and many of those keyboards come with software that lets you customize what happens when you press an F-Key.

Many desktop computers have an F-Lock key. Others have an FN key on the bottom row of keys to the right of the space bar between ALT and CTRL. these keys are used to switch between mapped functions and normal function key values.

F-Lock is usually an on/off switch, press it to enable normal function keys, press it again and it reverts to mapped keys.

FN key can be an on/off switch like the F-Lock key, but more often, especially on laptop computers, you must use FN like a special shift key, i.e. press and hold the FN key then touch the function key you want.

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