A: At least two people have written books AFTER they won a jackpot, just to cash in on the fact that they had won. Neither book won a jackpot for anyone else, and both books are long out-of-print.

You can read the following (and more details) on our proof page:

Although Gail has made dozens of people rich, she herself has not won a first prize jackpot—and neither have the authors of the hundreds of other lottery books and lottery software programs sold in stores and on the Internet.

However, before moving to Nevada (a state without a lottery), Gail won 72 lotto prizes in one year, dramatically beating the odds. See the verification that Gail won seven pick-6 lotto prizes including a second prize in ONE drawing for New York Lotto here: Multiple Prize Wins. See proof that she won another second and third prize here: Degrees of Luck.

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